Who Would You Choose? Zeb Atlas or Landon Conrad?


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  1. Liked the two men are best for me.The Men will have to be careful so they must to wear the condoms for there sex it is very important to be safe sex.

  2. Landon. Zeb is just too muscular (though I do prefer him when he’s not waxing his chest).

  3. Zeb Atlas seems so cool! I want him as a personal trainer haha. And he’s got a cool name 😀

  4. Scene from Raging Stallion’s ‘Build Tough’. A must have!
    I can’t choose, I want to join in…

  5. Zeb Atlas without a doubt…Fancy the pants off him, one of my ideal men…great top too…and those thunderous power thighs…

  6. That’s like asking which is more fun Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. (Depends on your traditions) But both days are fun. That said, I couldn’t pick here…period. Both have too much to offer!!!

  7. Both are nice, but if I had to make a choice it would be Landon. Agree with scott_bottom that Zeb is almost too muscular, too perfect.

  8. Such a shame when one has to chose between two pure 100% beef guys, so I take both on my plate.

  9. We should always have such wonderful choices. I dunno should i choose perfection or … perfection?

  10. i would have Zeb i would love to walk in and see him on the bench doing weights and i would go up and give his cock a workout

  11. The second guy. No Question. Would give anything to have him throw me down and nail my hole hard and deep

  12. Zeb is so hot, and I get all drooly whenever I see him sucking cock or eating hole. Man oh man. ( and to the guy who told Deafblind to fuck off? take your own medicine you creep – what do you care if he makes sense to you? I aways know what he means.)

  13. Big Cocks, Big Muscle, why choose? I will do anything they demand. However, ZED’s biceps are bigger LOL!

  14. B O T H —– at the same time !! They are both my idea of heaven . My big throbbing cock is pouring pre-cum just looking at their pics !

  15. Both.

    But I have quite a weakness for Zeb. For a guy of his height to have such a body is no easy feat.

    Landon ain’t too shabby, either, though…But…Zeb could just dominate the hell out of me.

  16. both can ram those cocks deep up my hole anytime ,together would be nice mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  17. Most likely neither – Have found the few Muscle Mary’s I been with usually needed a mirror in room to watch themselves to get hard. Though would suck dry either cock if sticking through glory hole. Both have very tasty protein producers.

  18. i LOVE me some ZEB ATLAS, but i would want both for a spit roast of course ZEB being the top and Landon filling the other hole..i might let Landon top me as well for extra fun but ZEB would be going home with me for some more after the spit roast ….FOR SURE!!!!!

  19. hi i would have both of them its a shame they dont live near exeter i would love to have fun with them both at the smae time mmmmmmmmmmm

  20. “Most likely neither – Have found the few Muscle Mary’s I been with usually needed a mirror in room to watch themselves to get hard.”

    Probably because you called them Muscle Mary’s…

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