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FALCON STUDIOS: Carter Dane has the porn already going when tatted Sebastian Kross sits down next to him on the couch, but they’d rather take what they see on screen and do it in real life! Carter starts by taking Sebastian’s whole cock in his mouth. His lips slide up and down Sebastian’s shaft, and his hands cup Sebastian’s hefty nuts. Sebastian’s cut abs ripple as he face fucks Carter. Eager to get his cock in Carter’s hole, Sebastian dives in for a wet and wild rim job. He spits on Carter’s tight, pink center and spreads it around with his tongue, sending Carter into a fit of ecstatic moaning. Carter’s practically begging for Sebastian’s cock, and finally he gets it. Sebastian’s girth is as impressive as his length, yet he quickly penetrates Carter all the way to the base of his massive cock. An overhead perspective reveals the vigor of Sebastian’s pounding, his cock slamming into the depths of Carter’s ass. Leaning back on the couch, Sebastian let’s Carter do his share of the work. Carter proves his prowess as a power bottom, sitting on Sebastian’s meat and going on a wild ride that brings Sebastian to the edge. Pulling out, Sebastian shoots his load all over Carter’s muscled ass. Carter rubs out his load, exploding white streaks of cum across his washboard abs.









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  1. Kross has always been a favourite of mine but wudnt say no to Dane either and both wud be sublime.

  2. top guy kross .. but hes been featured on these posts so many times nothing new to say about him

  3. I wouldn’t say no to either guy, but Sebastian’s breastplate tattoo is still just silly.

  4. Why should one be surprised? Tattoos have become a standard. Well, despite that, to me, a clean skin is always a turn on. In this case Kross’s design on his chest is utterly disgusting. I wouldn’t even dare to touch it. Yuk

  5. Sebastian Kross can have me any way he wants it to be, I’ve got it Bad for him, love his body and the tattoo is fine and sexy to me, and his cock is perfect along with his Beautiful alabaster Skin Color, yeah you could say I have a spot for him any day he wants it. I would never throw the other guy out, just a second thought.

  6. Amazes me that the outspoken negative Nancys all seem to be old codgers harping about what they don’t like in the most offensive ways possible. So much for acceptance within the Gay community although we DEMAND it from the rest of society…… SMH.

    Both are hot A/F. But Kross wins it hands down as he is the top!

  7. Kross anytime, loose the beard on the other guy and would certainly want a session with him. Would like to be spit roast or in a sandwich with them. Not keen on tats but they look clean and fresh?

  8. I would have to close my eyes if playing with Kross.
    Why would anyone spoil their chest with such a hideous tat

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