100% HOT


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  1. thats what I want every morning to wake me and have for breakfast…yum yum ….what a smorgasboard…….

  2. Allan 31, you’re right. Whenever I see someone like this, I think of their face and rumpled hair on my pillow; if I get hard and wet and think “yummy”, they’re invited. This one is, indeed, a “smorgasboard” from head to toe and everywhere else in between.

  3. Wow, yes, Perfection, especially like the body hair-belly and legs.I would hope he has an ass crack to match. It would be soooo fuckable

  4. Good to see that the natural look is back. Maybe guys are over making their penis look like a dead chicken by shaving it. What a hot young man.

  5. defenitely love to see more of this boy/man. 100% hardly seems to be fair but how can you get better than perfection…..unless he has a twin

  6. Would love to have him in between us anytime night or day 🙂 mmmmm
    More picture PLEASE if we can’t have the real thing.

  7. Nope don’t like him at all………only kidding he’s lush, can I have one for Christmas…..pleeeeease!!

  8. I want to slowly run my tongue all over this precious guy. love the pitsand crotch and sucking that cock and those balls. umm i would love to inhale the scent of this guys crotch and pits. I bet the musky scent would drive me crazy. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. After reading all these posts, here’s my update: Ready to give up my day job and never leave home if Mr. Perfection wants to move in. All the rest of you can cum over for coffee, a three-some, or a daisy chain, whatever he might be UP for. Squirt has done us all a favor by launching this young man into our fantasies. Go, Squirt! (with our without the comma), LOL

  10. this is all well and good… but who is he? where can we see his work?

    I hate random and namless models!


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