2013 MANSCAPING GUIDE… What Do You Think Of The Results?


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Manhunt teamed up with Max 4 Men to come up with the best answer possible, and with 27,609 of your votes tallied, we’re pleased to present you with the final results of our not-at-all-scientific research. While this may not necessarily put the manscaping argument to rest, it’ll at least give you some idea regarding the preferences of your fellow gay, bisexual or otherwise-identified men who enjoy the company of other men.

Those of you who took the poll might recall that we broke the results into two separate categories—lower and upper body. The results below show the breakdown for each individual part. Percentages represent the number of individuals who said you should shave, trim or manscape that given part.

If you hate reading and like pretty pictures, you might prefer viewing the results in this fashion (as linked in the image below). If you like numbers and arguing about what they mean, here’s the material you’ll get to work with…

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Neck (12.43%)
Nose Hair (12.37%)
Neck Beard (11.19%)
Back (10.93%)
Shoulders (10.8%)
Face/Beard (8.58%)
Lower Back / Assy Knoll / Awkward Patch Above Your Crack (8.17%)
Upper Arm, Between Elbow & Shoulder (7.77%)
Eyebrows (5.85%)
Armpits (3.14%)
Chest (3.13%)
Abdominal Area (2.86%)
Hands/Fingers (1.7%)
Forearm, Between Wrist & Elbow (1.06%)

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Shaft (21.35%)
Pubes/Bush (19.47%)
Balls (17.66%)
Taint, Between Balls & Hole (11.86%)
Hole (11.58%)
Butt Cheeks (6.78%)
Feet/Toes (5.17%)
Treasure Trail (3.05%)
Thighs (1.8%)
Calves (1.29%)

click the image above and explore the interactive graphic!

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  1. The only result that suprised me — and only just a little — was the relatively high percentage of men who thought pubes/bushes should be trimmed or shaved.

    Judging from the outcry on this site every time a model appears trimmed or shaved in that area, I thought the number would be somewhat lower.

    Now let’s do a “2013 Body Ink Guide” and lay ALL these issues to rest.

  2. I don’t know about the survey, but based on the photo at the top of this article, I now understand why one should stop and smell the roses.

  3. Let me say that when your with someone that has shaved their body it’s not very pleasurable. His skin is rough against yours and it’s not pretty. Natural is the only way to go, guess that’s why I like hairy guys.

  4. Interesting survey..guys say overwhelmingly to stay natural, be it hairy or smooth. 9 out of 10 say leave the upper half alone save the neck..probably for jaw definition and 10% the back/shoulders…unless your a bear lover. The same for the lower half except oral sex areas…shaft,balls and hole where 1 in 5 want a trim. This survey flies in the face of what porn studios churn out…twinks and shaved down/buzzed bodies. So what gives with the porn guys? Maybe that’s one reason they’re losing sales…putting out a product that the customer doesn’t want because the guy isn’t their ideal fantasy. That’s just bad business and an easy way to go broke.

  5. There’s a big difference between trimmed pubes, and shaved pubes. I think the high percentage was snagged by trim. Those 2 needed to be separated for much pube validity.

  6. What of those of that do so for personal reasons? I trim chest short because my Chet hair isn’t flattering. Back gets buzzed away as a lot gets ingrown & itches & causes zits. Pubes get trimmed because I sweat a lot! Pits stay long cause I love them. And I admit smelling them when I jack off or even licking them turns me on! And, if I’m being honest, makes me orgasm HARD! When I was younger I saw a pussy porn or two-didn’t do ANYTHING for me, but if I were to compare, sometimes my orgasms make those chicks look like they fake it ALL! Add a Vicodin or NyQuil, I’ve been known to be a quivering mess! Sometimes the pheromones are so powerful and when I climax, it’s like a slot machine, all the wheels line up & I’m going crazy with scents, sensations, struggling to breathe. If I happen to gain enough control to pleasure my hole at that time…let’s put it this way…I hit all the right buttons one time I almost passed out from everything being stimulated at once. Smelling, licking, tickling, prodding. And a bit of a tip, if your bush happens to be long enough, grab it to the point of almost hurting, tug at it. Watch and be amazed what happens!!!

  7. The more hair the better for me, don’t shave anywhere. Women like men to be smooth, women are smooth, and girly guys who like girly guys like ’em smooth. I like men, and men are hairy.

  8. It’s fundamentally wrong for men to shave their bodies!

    If a guy is hating himself because of his body hair its because he has not been told by enough people how fabulously masculine and sexy it is.

  9. Sorry, but having reached a certain age I’m pretty sure that no-one likes grey pubes; so that’s why I shave ’em

  10. Trimming of pubes not shaving has been the case for me and most of my partners. I’m not looking to sleep with a 6 year old! I think the rest is really more personal, yet I agree with ‘Giving’. A shaved body is rarely pleasurable – it is coarse, prickly and when you’re in a truly passionate session can nearly rub you raw. Be who you are! If you’re hairy respect your partner and if you’re smooth, oh well it’s a mute point. Most issues I have found related to hair is all about good hygiene. ‘Nuff said by me.

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