Meet the gay porn power-couple from Australia

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

Matt and Steve are real-life boyfriends from Australia. They film together as Oz Gym Boys.

I caught up with Matt and Steve between takes to talk about what it’s like to put your sex-life on camera.

You were friends before you got together? How did you realise that you both wanted something more?

We were friends for five years before we got together. When we first met, we were together for two months, but we were at different points of our lives, so it didn’t work. After we’d both gone through relationships and years had passed, we were hanging out and realised that it was exactly what we both wanted.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

What led you to start filming yourselves and camming?

We use to have Tuesday sex night, because Wednesday was the only day off we had together. We would have sex for up to 10 hours - we’d experiment with things and go crazy. One night, we decided to try Cam4 - we thought it would be hot for people to watch.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

Would you describe yourselves as exhibitionists?

We’re not exhibitionists at all. At home we wear trackies or little shorts. But we do sleep naked.

We just love to have sex, and we love to let others watch and enjoy.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)


When did you realise that there was a lot of interest in the content you were creating?

We received a massive response our first time camming. It was crazy - people were tipping so much, asking for our social media profiles - we had thousands of views in our room.

We started off doing it once a week, until we both resigned from our full-time jobs and started focusing on camming.

We then joined JustFor.Fans and got a massive influx of fans signing up and saying how much they loved our videos and the photos we post on there.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

Are there any down-sides to having parts of your life so public?

None that we can think of. We’re very open with our lives and our relationship, so we never have anything to hide. We’ve also been given such a platform - we love to use our voice to educate or make people aware of things such as mental health and the struggles that people in the LGBTQ community go through.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

How much planning goes into the videos you film?

We sometimes film live shows without putting much thought into them, but generally we’ll film with up to four cameras set up. When you’ve got multiple cameras you have to keep stopping to move them around - it can take a while to get good content, then we have to edit it all. It sounds like a fair bit of work, but actually it’s fun - it’s what we love doing.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

What sort of feedback do you get from your followers?

Our followers love us as much as we love them - they’re so supportive of everything we do. Our engagement is huge across all of our social media platforms.

We’ve started getting requests to do more videos of our actual life, not naked or having sex, so we’ve also created our YouTube channel which has really taken off.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

What’s the ultimate scene that you’d like to film together?

It would have to be something kinky - involving a sling and a hot fisting session.

Oz Gym Boys (image supplied)

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  1. hrychstlvr69 says:

    Hell yeah!

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    I can see why they have such a following.

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    Ive seen a couple of their videos, very hot!! Both very sexy men!!

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    Great to see two horny guys who are intact.

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    Beautiful uncut cocks…

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    Wow, I’m jealous. Two very nice clocks. Did I say wow?