Lawn Boy!


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  1. FUCKING HOT! I’d suck him off right there….I’d even let the old lady in the back watch

  2. This ho-mow is perfect in every way. I would love to suck his cock and then let him “aerate” my ass with that beauty! As for the lady in the background, I agree with scubajunkie–kinda creepy.

  3. Can’t believe I’m so turned on by such a smooth cutie, but DAMN!!! Anytime, and I’ll get creative on tipping him

  4. This guy iThis guy is HOT! Like the fact he is showing his underwear. I luv 2 suck off guys in their underwear HOT!

  5. I got my lawn boy to do this once.

    Needless to say, the lawn didn’t get finished that day.

  6. GREAT GOD ALMIGHTY!! FUCKING PERFECT. No neophytes it is not photoshopped. Look at the depth of field of the photo and focus points. Com on now……no need to be envious. LOL

  7. The cock is an obvious photoshop job, but I still find this guy super hot no matter how his real cock looked. Heck, I’d move out of my condo, buy a house and grow dense lawn just to have this guy come over 😉

  8. Someone put a lot of effort into Photoshopping this. Time which probably would have been better spend actually having sex.

  9. Yah, Mommy’s at the front door is right, a little creepy for me too, she’s yelling put it in your pants!!!

  10. This guy is hot, whether it is photo shopped, who cares, he is still a Hot Young Man. I need my lawn mowed too.

  11. Now, he is attractive and down right sexy! Been awhile since this site has actually had someone like! Excellent

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