A CONDOM FREE FUTURE? PART 4 of DAILY XTRA’s four-part series on PrEP.


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DAILY XTRA: Despite promising early study results, gay men aren’t rushing to take the HIV prevention drug, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). In the final installment of Daily Xtra’s 4-part video series we look at what is behind the slow uptake for a drug that some say could rid the world of HIV/AIDS.

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  1. Hostly this will never take off while there is a culture with the younger gay men wanting unprotected sex with POZ men so they can go on disability benefits. That lack of long term vision in understanding what they will face is mind boggling and will not listen or take the advice when you put it to them either. I am finding that from many young men asking for it. That is so disturbing to me.

  2. I think it’s very telling that PreP’s own manufacturer is unwilling to market the drug, saying that any reports of the drug’s success — and subsequent recomendations for its use — must come from consumers and the health care community. They do not want to appear “too greedy.”

    Come on. If this company came up with a cure for cancer — or even the common cold — don’t you think they’d trumpet that achievement to the far corners of the planet? Greed be damned — of course they would.

    The reason PreP’s own maker doesn’t want to take center-stage on this is because this may NOT be the panacea they secretly hope it to be. This way, if and when the blue tablet doesn’t live up to its billing, they can wash their hands and walk away and say “Well, we never actually said it would do all the things YOU said it would do.”

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — if PreP is the drug we’ve all been waiting for to eliminate HIV, it would be front-page news worldwide, in spite of the manufacturer’s modesty. And I’m sure they could manage to reconcile corporate profits with the fact that they’ve saved humanity.

    Let’s see the field studies. Let’s see the trials and analysis. Let’s independently scrutinize the data and evaluate the results. Until all those things happen — and until some lucky scientist accepts the Nobel Prize for discovering a cure for HIV, then, gentlemen, if it seems too good to be true, it is.

    Don’t bet your life on it.

  3. I agree with trunzo, tnis is obviously a bunch of bullshit, if it really worked the way they wanted it to it would be front page news all over the entire world no matter what the low profits.

  4. Wow..paranoia runs deep I see. For one thing the FDA approved it for this use. It has to have a certain degree of efficacy for the FDA to do that and say that’s what one of the meds accepted uses.

    This company is making so much money from treating HIV/AIDS already, they don’t want to kill the golden goose, which would eventually happen as new cases of infection would drop.

    I don’t know where you two have been, or who you each have sex with, but unprotected sex is the norm, not the exception for anal sex. An example would be Squirt member videos, go watch some:) Absolutely no one uses condoms for oral, in fact, that’s one of the ways you can tell a “newbie” to the scene lol.

    If you were a corporation in America, would you want to be seen as promoting gay sex? In any form? The threat of HIV/AIDS is one of the tools the Republican/Christian idiocy have always used to keep us under control. Starting with Reagan(hope he’s roasting on a spit in hell), to Bush who fought every advance tooth and nail.

    This is an issue each individual guy needs to research for himself and see if its right for him. I’m hoping the married guys, Straight or Gay, who sneak around on their unsuspecting partners, think seriously about this for one thing. Straight, Bi or Gay, Its entirely a different matter when you continually expose an innocent human being to the dangers of sex with others, without them knowing they are in danger. This at least would help protect innocent people from becoming infected.

    Curiously I seem to remember much the same arguments when the Birth Control Pill came out in the 60’s LOL.

  5. It is just frustrating to see how, when people talks about condom free sex, the first word and thought that comes out is HIV… What about all the other STDs?? Gonorrhea, Herpes, HPV, warts, syphilis, etc, etc. Also, if you’re having multiple sex partners, bareback sex is about a personal preference and personal responsibility.

  6. No need to get into where I’ve been — but suffice it to say it’s not anywhere near confusing my profound doubt of this “miracle drug’s” effectiveness and any discussion of the pros and cons of bareback sex. Two very different topics — related, yes; but different.

    This is not an issue of a corporation promoting gay sex. It’s an issue of producing and marketing a drug that would eliminate one of humanity’s deadliest plagues — both here and in other parts of the world — a plague that affects newborns, who have yet to comprehend what gay sex — or any sex — is. The “not wanting to promote gay sex” is a lovely conceit that bears little relationship to the reality of the situation.

    As for the FDA, don’t mistake they’re allowing it on the market for an endorsement of its effectivenss. How many diet pills, drugs, etc. have had FDA approval and yet were worthless? The late-lamented AYDS candy comes to mind ….

    Let’s hope PreP emerges as the next medical milestone — like the birth control pill. When those two medications have achieved parity and equal recognition for their effectiveness, I will gladly admit defeat and lead the chorus. Until then, I remain both skeptical and unconvinced that this “miracle” has occurred.

    Funny, I haven’t heard of it being mentioned at the U.N. yet either.

  7. I’m sorry but I honestly don’t understand how its homophobia just because a doctor would prefer you to use a condom. Can someone please explain the reasoning behind that statement?

  8. The range of comments expressed above give a snapshot of why there isn’t a larger uptake to PrEP in the gay community despite the science behind the medication.

    The resistance to PrEP is as varied as the gay community itself. So, maybe it’s time for us as a community to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to HIV prevention and transmission. That is exactly what the global HIV/AIDS prevention organizations are doing. They are examining every possible way to help reduce the spread of HIV which includes the use of PrEP.

    Furthermore, if you ready any and all of the publications for PrEP by these organizations they all advocate the use of PrEP in conjunction with the use of condoms and other safer sex practices for risk reduction.

    As for me, I think it’s a great idea. I’m glad there is Truvada on the market and I use it. I hope other types of PrEP will follow Truvada as well.

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