Cocktales Chapters 8 / 9 on Squirt’s SquirtTV Channel


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- Advertisement - is all about the hookup! Squirt is the web’s premier hookup space for men who want to cruise in public or have that surefire hookup with sexually veracious men. Squirt Cocktales is a porn series capturing the narrative of the gay hookup and cruising experience. Amazingly shot with likes of Porn Stars Johnny Maverick, Sam Swift, Ryan Russell, Jeremy Feist. A unique series actually speaking to the real life experience of a men cruising for hookups! Check it the series on

Chapter’s 8 and 9 are now live on Squirt’s SquirtTV Channel. Log into Squirt and click the SquirtTV to view the entire cocktales seriese!

Check out the action on Squirt Today! A housewarming fuckfest, What could be better?! Eastprick hosts a sex party to christen his new pad. Eastprick records the action as a nice fuck, suck, and blow session ensues. The next chapter captures the hot action between Eastprick and Hard_For_Suits. finally – just the two of them. Eastprick tops Hard_For_Suits on the balcony of a Skyscraper overlooking the metropolis ttaring: Johnny Maverick, Phillppe Delveaux, Kamrun, Jake Dakota, Marc Angelo.

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  1. Must say chapters 8 and 9 are some of the hottest scenes yet…and what a view from that sky high balcony! When will we see book two? The series cannot come to an end…..

  2. Very hot, but very different from past postings. You’ve got to really work at it to find it. Then, you can’t download it as has been the case with all of the previous episodes. This one is hot, no doubt about it. I hope that Squirt just hasn’t gotten around to making the download available yet, regardless of membership type.

  3. Hey Coach and fellow squirters…this video set is under the Squirt TV tab then to the Cocktales section. Chapter 8/9 is on the next tab over from the earlier ones. Hope our leader Ed realizes the confusion on how this one is posted as it is not as front and center as previous new releases (and damn this one is too HOT to miss).

  4. KansasBill

    You can download the older episodes. Scroll down to ‘Free Stuff’ at the bottom of the homepage and follow the link.


    Please, please, please make episodes 8 and 9 downloadable!

  5. Great vid, but where can I get the song from Hot Future? Tried using google and not had any joy. And does anyone know the band and song from the 7th vid? Thanks.

  6. Sure Ashmorris:
    click on the the refresh and bring up the front page of squirt
    * top right see Squirt TV, click on that
    *This screen brings up Squirt TV Showcase, click on top right ‘Squirt Cocktales’ (two guys pissing at a urinal)
    *Scroll down a bit, bottom left pic is ep 8 & 9, click on that, get your dick out and off you go 🙂

  7. In episode 8, would love to shoot all over the large bearish guy as well…………..damn hot episode.

  8. This is just shit, all the others are downloadable and this one isnt???? Thats fucken stupid. This one looks like the hottest of them all and not everyone can watch it! Pffft! Why even bother

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