Cute Boy…


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  1. wow…who is he? Can I have one sent to my home address please…? wouldnt kick him out of bed for eating smarties lol!

  2. He’s just the kind a guy I hunt for, a little on the red neck side, and leave the hair,just trow in a little smock. Like a straight hunting for deer, but not to kill.

  3. I agree with the previous comments…not “cute”….BANGING HOT is a little more accurate…..
    And I would LOVE to bang him out…

  4. Kinda cute, but the pubes are great. Nice to see a guy that doesn’t shave. Real men don’t shave!!!!

  5. LMAO @ deeptongue !!!! I think you better get a New Crack Dealer. He’s selling you Sh*t that’s making you Hallucinate! LOL !

  6. Where the hell is the “cute boy” ???Surely you’r not talking about that drag in the photo !

  7. he is cute actually and masculine…nothing about him screams gay or stereotypical which i like and which is amazing…and the tatts are ok as well..i think more masculine guys as well as guys under the age of 35 would have more of an appreciation for this guy..i know i do…yes to each their own, but there is for sure is a generational gap in “taste” here!!!!!!! i notice all the comments about the tatts are usually made by men over the age of 40..and they also usually like their “twinky” or “typical gay boys” or their “pretty boys” YAWN….i thought we were gay men that liked men…anyway to each their own…

  8. ^well, what do YOU consider to be ‘men’? I consider anyone male with a penis who is proud of it (not transgender/sexual/whatever) to be a man. I don’t judge physical appearance or build because often enough it’s limited/based entirely on genetics. Behaviour, dress style, and maybe grooming I can somewhat understand, but even then I rarely go as far as to call the person unmanly/not masculine in most cases, because I also hate how certain behaviours/attitudes/and such are believed to be the ONLY ways a guy can be manly.

    As someone with a naturally petite build and a ‘pretty’ face (Been mistaken for a girl even with short hair), I’ve had my share of discrimination from guys who criticised me for [‘choosing to be’ being the implication] being ‘feminene’ or girly, when these qualities were merely limited to what genetics dealth me.

    I don’t care about preferences. We all have them, but when you and guys like you go out of your way to announce another’s lack of masculinity or ‘being a REAL man’ it is incredibly hurtful to me, and – no doubt – many many others in similar situations.

  9. As for the men over 40 being the ones criticising tattoos, let’s just say that by that age they’re slowly reaching the point of deterioration where those tattoos stop being ‘cool’ and start being ugly blotches, so I’d say that’s the voice of experience rather than sutbborn pickiness and an over all preference.

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