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Hot porn star and go go dancer Casey Williams has joined and been reported cruising in washrooms in downtown San Francisco. At Folsom, he represented contributing to an increase in hundreds of profile creations. More horny men on Squirt means more men to hook up with.

Casey sports a muscular 5’7”, 180 lbs body and… a thick 6.5 cut dick! He has showed his fucking skills in videos produced by COLTstudios, Titanmen, and He is always horny. Read’s interview with Casey Williams and check him out on – his user name is CaseyWilliamsSF.

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What is your Squirt username?


What is your favorite cruising / hook up spot (truck stop, public park etc)?

Here in San Francisco I love cruising the washrooms and glory holes at Nob Hill Theater.

Define a “hot sex”

Hot sex can be different things at different moments. Depending on what you’re in the mood for and I guess it would be that mood being fulfilled when you want it to be fulfilled. I love taking pictures  or short videos of moments to be able to look back and remember a hot time

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When was the last time you got laid? How was it?

Yesterday, I went to a place called Eros (click here to find out more about Eros). It’s a sex club here in San Francisco. I hooked up with one of my very favorite guys I ran into there. We had a really great time. The only draw back was I couldn’t take photos in the club

Top, bottom or versatile? What do you prefer?

I prefer top but quite honestly most of the time I prefer to stick with the focus being on JO and oral as long as it is a long edging session. I hate quickies. Usually, if that is my only option I prefer to wait until more time is available.

What type of men do you like?

My type is a wide range. I’d say more often than not I prefer muscular all American types but…I’m also attracted to lean guys and sometimes a little chunky. Mostly smooth guys, but wouldn’t turned guys with some hair…really it all depends on the individual and how they pull off their look. I can usually find something attractive about most guys. A good connection and being comfortable with each other is most important to me.

Do you prefer rough or vanilla sex?

I tend to lean towards vanilla although I do have my kinky wild moments. More rough or vanilla – I think it’s erotic passion that I find most desirable during sex. With passion and sensuality… it doesn’t matter whether it’s rough or vanilla because it can be intense.

Do you have any fetish?

I do. I really love precum. Seeing it makes me crazy. I guess some might say liking long edging sessions is a fetish. I also like poppers, sounds (urethral play) and e-stim.

Public sex or bedroom? Why?

I enjoy both. Once again it just really depends on my mood and the partner I’m hooking up with…I’ve had incredibly hot times even with the same person in the bedroom setting or publicly. I love partners who are adaptable and can play with me in a bedroom or out at a gloryhole.

Do you have any tips for those who cruise in public including bath houses?

Try to pick up on the vibe of others. If someone is trying to be polite and say thanks but no thanks… be respectful and move on to someone who is interested. There is nothing worse than a person who is being pushy and ruining your night. Other than that enjoy yourself and have fun!

When cruising on Squirt, what are you looking  for in an online profile? What would make you message a guy?

I look for common interests. Of course, some hot photos will seal the deal. Any number of things would cause me to message a guy. Common interests, hot photos, or perhaps it might even be an idea or fetish that I’m curious about and don’t know much about. I can talk to them and learn more about it.

So there you go Squirtmen, if you want to hook up with Casey, you already have a cheat sheet – you know what he likes and you know what he’s into… say hi to him if you’re in San Francisco. What do you think about Casey Williams? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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  1. Looks/sounds like a REALLY HOT GUY with his head on straight…and a perfectly-curved rod!
    SOOOOOOOOO attractive!

  2. FUCK! Now this more like it! A mature beefcake, AND a thick curved boner just right for my hungry gullet!!

  3. they are both hot sexy beefy buffy muscled with nice hot cocks and firm bubble butts.

  4. So, I’m not too far. But I never get up that way, never have the time. But I do get up to Lake Tahoe a few times each year. I’m hoping like hell he does, too. And that he knows the cruising sites. If so, would love to see what could happen. And that shark tat is HOT! I’m a HUGE shark geek!

    Hoping like hell he visits Tahoe. My eyes will certainly be wide open next trip up…ya never know! And I do know where some gun goes down, not too many places but still. 😀

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