Daddy Ken N’Cub!


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Ken (Right) & one of his “cubs”.

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Daddy Ken N’ Cub is a blog filled with images of Ken, his partner Joey & various power bottom boys & men. Ken really likes to fuck and he’s become a porn star … at 50+. His site is free to join … lots of pics to look at (but if you want to watch the over 500 videos available there’s a small fee of $25.00 a year).

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Ken on Daddy Ken:

“Memorial Day, 2010, went live and not one of the free videos floating around the web was used in the launch. Everyone fucked and videoed on the website is a Daddy Ken fan. No co-star was paid to get fucked and be in a video. All co-stars were there to get fucked. They were not there to earn a paycheck. I am writing this on the eve of Daddy Ken’s two year anniversary. We have traveled quite a bit fucking fans and making videos. We are recognized everywhere we go, even if it is just walking down the street in Washington DC, Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Frisco, New York City, Philadelphia, Lexington Ky, Cincinnati OH, Los Angeles, Atlanta GA. Disney World, or even London England.”

“And as long as young men of legal age and occasionally more mature men want to get fucked by me, we will keep making videos and will endeavor to persevere and keep uploading videos to this site.”

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READ Daddy Ken’s thoughts on being gay & over 50 AFTER THE JUMP… a really great read.

The question I am getting asked a lot lately is what it is like being me. My standard answer to this is “It is really, really, REALLY good to be me.” However, the other night I found myself thinking about this because my life has changed now that I my sexcapades are videoed, edited and displayed online for an insanely reasonable $25 a year.
The biggest difference being “Daddy Ken” is that I am no longer invisible. If you are gay and over 50 years old, you are for all intents and purposes, totally invisible to other gay men 30 years old or younger, at least in public. Now, when I walk up to bars in gay clubs the bartenders actually smile look me in the eyes and say “What can I get you?” or what can I get you Daddy?” Two years ago, same clubs, same bartenders, when I walked up to the bars the bartenders would say. “What will you have cutie?” to the young gay man behind me. The same bartenders would serve drinks around me until I put my arm up blocking the crowd and make them get me a drink. They would do so, take my money and often a tip and never say a word or look me straight the eye.

I realized I had become invisible unless I moved and made noise and forced people to acknowledge that a spirit was present.
Being invisible bothered me at first but then I got used to it. I didn’t have to worry about what clothes I wore. I could fart in crowded happy hours. Not silent and deadly farts, I mean I could just let one rip. I could do this because I was invisible. Even when I was with my partner I was invisible. Every now and then I would go hang with my invisible friends. We joked about it. After all we all grew invisible together. It was interesting to see people look right through me. Going to bars, clubs and gay events, I was literally a ghost, only visible to other aging ghosts. As I accepted my invisibility I said goodbye to my six-pack abs. I didn’t need them anymore because I was invisible. I got my hair cut once every 3 to 6 months whether I needed to or not. It didn’t matter because I was invisible. I started wearing baggy pants. No longer did I have to struggle into a pair of 501 jeans because I was invisible. I had accepted and embraced my invisibility as a gift. A ‘Rite of Passage’ so to speak. I was a gay man over 50 yrs. old.

I had not succumbed to drugs, depression, or societal pressures to be straight or closeted. I had my health, my career, and a drop dead gorgeous and dedicated younger partner who watched me accept my invisibility with amusement, tolerance and understanding.
The only time I wasn’t invisible is when we were cruising for sex on a sex site or craigslist. Young men would come over suck my cock, get fucked, cuddle, obey our orders etc. Some would send us emails of thank you. Many would come back for more because they had never been fucked like that before. But once we stepped out into public my aura of invisibility would hide me like a Romulan cloaking device. The same young men would pass me on the street, at the grocery, the coffee shop and the bars and you would never suspect that I had fucked them senseless in the not too distant past.
‘Daddy Ken’ was born 18 months ago. I am no longer invisible.

I am recognized everywhere I go. If my partner is with me we are recognized even more often, because then people are sure it really is ‘Daddy Ken.’ We have been recognized on beaches, in bars, restraunts, coffee shops, malls, on the street and even at the grocery store. We are recognized in every city we travel to.

I have signed autographs on butt-cheeks with sharpie markers. Since I am no longer invisible I now must shave, get my haircut and watch what I wear. I can’t unabashedly fart any more. I must do so with stealth and cunning. I am even heading back into the gym. Instead of sipping Chardonnay and feeding pigeons and squirrels in the park for lunch, I am now drinking protein shakes and power-walking / jogging. I am even on a fucking diet.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being Daddy Ken. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing some young man getting fucked and enjoying the hell out of it, especially when I am doing the fucking. This whole crazy idea of my partner’s has been a lot of fun and we plan on continuing it for the foreseeable future. So maybe 60 is now the new 50? Whatever the case, all good things end sooner or later. There will be a time when my invisibility will begin to return. When it does, I won’t be so surprised. I’ll enjoy a nice loud fart, find a nice comfortable pair of baggy pants to wear, and wave a fist full of money at a hot bartender and make a scene until he has no choice but to get me a cocktail.

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  1. GAH! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Thanks now I’m off solid food for a week.

  2. come now, this guy definitely isn’t the worst-looking out there. I seem to recall a post a while ago with a guy with Armpit cleavage.

    Actually, if anything puts me off, it’s his partner’s moustache having a shit-coloured hue that doesn’t show up on any of this other body hair.

  3. OMG…. Just my opinion, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I could SWEAR, the Long Haired, Beared, Jesus looking Freak, has an IDENTICAL COCK to Trunzo!!!! Un-canny !!! Coincidence….maybe, but…

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