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Hey Guys, Sgt. COACH here… just wanted to thank you for all the positive response to DAILY SQUIRT!
Glad to see dudes are getting off here… and hooking up! FUCK YEAH!
I’d love to know if there is anything you’d like to see more of… or less of.
More sex?… more older dudes? Younger dudes? More news stories? Less news stories?
Just use the comments section and give me your thoughts.
Looking forward to hearing from ya.

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  1. I would like to see more cum shots. Blow jobs with cum in the mouth and face.Nice big pictures that show cumming in action during a blow jobs.

  2. i like the movies and pics. More dad/son would be hot, i agree with other two, more cum eating/shots. i dont like the gifs

  3. Hey Sarge: I like the Daily Squirt alot….I’m spending more time on Squirt because of it. The frequent updates/additions during the day are just fine. Most of the time the news items are relevant….the only exception being that silly, stupid USA Today article a few days ago. Some suggestions: an occassional academic article on queer theory, articles on queer politics and more articles of gays in the arts, and gays getting older (and wiser)!
    Thanks for asking. And I DO like the gifs!

  4. Enjoy all the shows….would really like to see more mature guys though….just my preference. Young guys are nice, but older guys are HOT! Thanks

  5. Windy61 is on the right track sarg…. no you do not need to turn this into a magazine, but gays in the arts, gays geting older, gays and careers, this place is full of 50 year old guys who are starting over,post divorce, there kids raised…gay parenting, I have rarely found anything about coming out to your kids…or being gay and not giving up on having kids.
    Maybe safe sex is passe, but I went to a relentless number of memorials services and wakes in the 80’s and 90’s,
    Sarg, the daily squirt is the highlikght of my morning coffee

  6. I like the Daily Squirt a lot. In fact a some of the photographs I actually share with my friends. More redheads on the Daily Squirt would get me going. As well as some more inter-racial themes ( black and white men[with both recieving and giving],hispanic and black or white ,asian men are HOT too!!!Articles that are about gay history, health tips, eating, dining, recipe submittals for comfort to gourmet,sports, enetertainment. Gay men have changed so much and are very srtong and diverse!!! The Daily Squirt makes my day all the time Sarg!!! You rock dude!!!

  7. http://daily.squirt.org/ just pointing out to look at the main page… it’s slightly… massive… as much as alot us like them big and long, can we condense each story a bit for the main page and tag them so we can search for all pposted pictures/video aswell as search for specific genres ontop of that? (twink/bear/bareback/nonporn/ect…)

  8. Daily Squirt is great. I check it several times a day to se what has popped in, or up… I like just about everything on there, but I particularly like the vintage shots. They are hot.

  9. Whatever you post – as long as it’s hot sexy guys either naked or semi-naked is OK by me!!! Older, younger, they’re all good…. just keep ’em cumming… 🙂

  10. I love see and checking out most everything you post; but hot blowjobs are my favorite. Love seeing guys give and get passionate oral service. Watching the cum ooze and shoot into another’s mouth is so hot. Love to see all those hard, throbbing cocks get off!

  11. I love your shots, I don’t agree with just younger shots, we are all going to grow old one day and I need to see these older guys still at it and there is hope for me. I do love what u post it does me a great pleasure everyday. Love cum shots. Can’t get enough of it. WOW

  12. I agree with most of the above…luuuuuuv facials, big black cocks, vintage stuff (fuck..Al Parker!???! Geeezus…soooooo HOT!!!), how about some ‘toons and/or gay comix? All in all – a great addition to Squirt!! WTG Sarge!!

  13. Happy as it is. There is variety and a good range of subjects. You can’t please everyone so need a mixture. Articles to do with men’s health, not only in connection with sex, but other aspects would be great.

  14. more cum! more bareback! more daddies! more group action! as a cum whore myself, i cant get enough. love watching other guys take load after load like i do!

  15. I enjoy what you currently post. Would appreciate seeing more older and more hairy guys. Also do enjoy the facials and opportunity to see someone sucked to climax. Keep up the good work!

  16. sarge, you have a great eye for men. pics are smokin and i really get off on the videos. i got a warm spot for hot guys with smaller cocks, if you could throw me a few every once and a while…cheers

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