Find the BEST Hookup Spots on Campus


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College/University is an important time in a young man’s life. It’s a time of growth, change, and sexual discovery. Plus, let’s face it – college guys are hot! Whether you’re into jocks, twinks, cubs, or chubs, there’s a college guy out there for everyone. You can meet these guys all over campus, and you can have sex with them all over campus too. There are tons of popular hookup spots at every college and university, so we’ve put together a list of the best spots to fool around with a hot guy who puts the “stud” in “student”.

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1. The Library

The library can be a surprisingly sexy place. All of that whispering between hard cover books is enough to send shivers up your spine. The tall aisles of books provide great cover from passersby, especially if you’re in the restricted section. A lot of campus libraries are open late at night, especially during exam season, so why not shut your books and open your legs for a well-deserved study break?

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2. Dorm Rooms
There’s no denying that residence dorms are full of hot and horny young guys; the buildings practically shake at night. With all of that testosterone pumping in such small spaces, hookups are bound to happen. If you’re lucky, maybe you get a single room and can bring guys whenever you want, or maybe you have to plan sex around your roommate’s schedule. Or, maybe it will “Don” on you to invite your roommate and his friends to join in on the fun.
Dorm Room Group Gay Sex Dorm Room Gay Hookup Dorm Room Gang Bang

Dorm Room Gay Group Sex

3. Washrooms
Campuses have tons of washrooms in each of the buildings, some of which are tucked away in corners and barely used. Bathroom sex is a whole new degree of hookup, and you may just have your ass schooled on the first try. Sometimes it’s best if your first bathroom sexual encounter is with someone a little more experienced – there’s a lot that a hot senior could teach you!
Stud getting fucked on the bathroom coutner

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Couple fucking in a bathroom stall Gay bathroom blowjob

4. Empty Classrooms
During the day, campus buildings are overflowing with students, but at night it clears out and classrooms become perfect breeding grounds. Why not meet up with a classmate and study each other’s biology? Why not text that cute guy from your dorm and have him lend you a hand with your hard homework? Or maybe you’ve got a professor you’d like to stay after class with. After all, isn’t dick the only ‘D’ you want in college?
Twinks fuck in a classroom Stud fucked on a desk Stud gets a blowjob in an empty classroom
5. Parks
College and University campuses are often full of green spaces – fields, parks, ravines – to keep students sane and happy during a stressful year. These spaces can provide the perfect place to have a little fun with that freshman you’ve had your eye on. Park yourself in one of these spaces, show off your wood, and tree-t yourself to some outdoor sex
Park Blowjob Park Blowjob

6. Offices
Campus buildings aren’t just full of classrooms, they’ve also got tons off offices, including professors’ offices, teaching assistants’ (TA) offices, student council spaces, club offices, staff offices, and more.  Don’t forget – students aren’t the only ones hooking up on campus. Plus, when they are hooking up, who says it has to be with another student? Young hot guys love finding a sexy staff member they can distract from their business to get down to business – someone who can really work them hard. Hooking up in someone’s office space is definitely a to-do for any university/college student.

Office Blowjob Blowing the ProfessorFucking in the Office

Interracial Gay Office Sex

7. The Gym
College guys like to stay in shape. Whether they’re varsity athletes or just trying to hook up on the weekend, they’ve got to hit the gym to maintain their lean, muscular physique. Best of all, college guys work hard, play hard, and fuck hard. If they’re lucky enough, they’ll find someone to squat on, who will bench press their body against them, or who will help stretch them out.
Jock fucks his friend on a bench Jock gets fucked in the gym Gay gym blowjob

College Stud Rides a Cock in the Gym

8. The Change Room
The change room is full of hot guys who have just worked up a sweat, but wouldn’t mind adding a bit more cardio to the end of their work out. A hidden corner in the locker room is perfect for a quick blowjob, and the showers are great for some wet and wild action. Every jock needs a shower after a good workout, even if they’re being showered in cum.

Locker room blowjob Change Room Orgy Eating Ass in the Change Room Muscle Stud Gives a Locker Room Blowjob

Have you hookup on a university or college campus? Leave a comment down below!

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  1. Ooohh yeahh some well fit lads in this set (drool) .. one of the best .. will be taking a second look 🙂

  2. Oh the memories, too bad we did not have the technology they have today to find each other. However, I did hook up in the library, several bathrooms, they gym, a dorm room and in the woods behind the field house.

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