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Rock Bottom Underwear – Behind the Scenes from Justin Monroe Photography on Vimeo.

Marine Lance Cpl. Alex Minsky, Afghan war veteran. After his truck rolled over an IED (improvised explosive device), Alex had been in a coma for several months and lost his leg, severe disfigurement of his right arm and a head injury which resulted in severe visual deficits. He first got noticed by Tom Cullis (LA based photographer) at the gym.

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At that time he was looking for a model who could reveal in pictures “the reality of life and beauty in someone who struggles to live each day as inspiration and appreciation for life”. He saw this in Alex and his determination to put all of the other guys to shame at the gym was an immediate source of inspiration for Tom. Alex Minsky now inspires people and his photos “received an outpouring of support, admiration and appreciation for such a sacrifice he had made for his country”.

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  1. Alex Minsky is an inspiration. He hasn’t let his amputation degrade his quality of life in anyway and has an incredible attitude. Also the “I’m with stupid” tattoo on his good foot is brilliant and hilarious.

  2. Yeah! First of all, I salute you and remove my hat- out of both heads 😉 – for you, for your service to your country and to our way of life. My respects will be forever to you when wearing your uniform…but when naked, I can only say…you are fucking hot!!! Despite missing a leg, that has not prevented you from being in top shape, gorgeously define muscles…and that hot ass, my God!!! Can’t help to get a stiff hard on looking at those butt cheeks of yours. I would tremble before you, fall on my knees and serve you in anyway you need or want, Sir!

  3. Way to go. He is very hot sexy and gorgeous. It does not make differnt if he has one leg and no legs. Love his hot body.

  4. I never have been able to figure out why someone would cover a beautiful body with all that ink. It sure isn’t attractive nor is it sexually appealing. Dude has a great face and physique, but I would like to see the skin as pure, hairless, and lovely as it God gave it to him.

  5. I accept his inadvertent disfigurement.
    I reject his willful disfigurement. Helps substantiate the notion that guys entering the military do so in order to escape life as a loser.
    No pity from me.

  6. LURKER 86 – for so long I have rejected the urge to respond to your comments, but today is different. Today your attacks on peoples choices has crossed a fine line that is getting finer. In response to your comment on “pity” I quote a line from Chorus Line “… I reached right down to the bottom of my soul and I feel nothing.” Lurker I feel nothing for you.

  7. Oh, from “Chorus Line”. Anything you’d like to quote from “Cats”?
    With three replies, you seem to feel quite a lot for me.
    I do not return the favor.

  8. Lurker you need to stop holding your stomach in, relax and chill a bit. So someone has a few tattoos, don’t lose your hair over it – oh sorry, you already did. You’re such a vagina.

  9. As a fellow vet from another branch of the US military—I honor this young man who voluntarily joined the Corps, did his duty and lost a limb in the process. He is a good looking guy—but I guess its a generational thing–I like some tatts—I have a few myself in small number and in places normally well hidden. I do wish that this fascination with tattoos and their popularity–at least to the extent he and others have done them om their bodies—soon begins to fade. To me—he has way too many of them—and it therefore takes away from his natural good looks. I like Danielle Colby-Cushman, the assistant, if that is a good name for her, of Mike and Frank on “American Pickers.” She is a neat and attractive lady, but she too, for my tastes— is someone else who went a bit to far with the tatts.

  10. What an incredibly beautiful man! And the spectacular body art – definitely not tattoos. As Ray Bradbury said in Illustrated Man, “Skin illustrations.” And he has a sense of humor – the Don’t Laugh directly above his groin.

  11. Thank you, Alex, for your service to your country.

    No words can adequately express our gratitude for that service, nor the depth of anguish we feel for what that service has cost you.

    That said, you are and will always be one sexy, hot man. Your gorgeous body, that dazzling smile, your exemplary attitude — all combine to create and sustain your heroic persona.

    And yes, Alex, you are a hero.

  12. In defense of Alex–we do have a wide variety of people at this site–and finding him hot or not—is a matter of personal taste—just for me–he is not “my cup of tea” but for those guys who think he’s hot–ENJOY!!

  13. cut the crap guys, bottom line is that this guy has got a very cute bottom, exactly that kind that i love to fuck and top 😉 i can fill him anytime xx

  14. Does anyone wonder why Lurker never gets laid? No, no one ever wonders that. It’s too obvious!

  15. Wow, I would take you home and love you till I died, I would thank you everyday that you lost your leg and remind him of how much I loved him and would take a bulett for him… Love and kisses to you and I want you to know the tatts are ok, fuck who dosn’t like them they didn’t pay for them… Kiss Kiss.. soooo cute

  16. L. Cpl. Alex Minsky is a fierce man and should be an inspiration to all. I’ve worked with vets for decades and met Alex while visiting others in rehab in San Diego about two years ago. He is a local SoCal man from Mission Viejo. A distracted young man in high school who skipped classes to practice in his heavy metal band, he eventually finished HS by being homeschooled by his mother…an amazing person. A somewhat aimless 18 yo after graduation, he grew up near Camp Pendleton and joined the Marines in 2007. He became part of the 2nd Battalion/3rd Marine stationed in Hawaii. In May’09, he was sent to Afghanistan, where, 2 weeks later, on 5/31 his Humvee rolled over an IED in Bakwa (Farah Prov.)and his life changed forever at age 20. The explosion traumatised his entire right side..blowing away his lower right leg, ripping his arm into ragged pieces, shattered his jaw (you can see the throat scar of the long term tracheotomy) and causing right brain injuries. He required 50 units of blood at the scene to stabilize him for transport. He spent months in a coma, has been in specialized rehabs back East, in Palo Alto for brain injuries and 1 1/2 years in San Diego for physical rehab to be near family. His mother, Jackie, rarely left his side throughout this ordeal. His aunts, Jenni and Michelle were also constant companions. Early on, with the help of Jackie, he came to grips with his situation and vowed to defeat it. Prior to his trauma, he started abusing alcohol when he turned 21 which complicated his life as well. He has now been sober for almost a year! His brain injuries are largely mitigated..he has some reasoning/pragmatics issues and his vision problems are acceptable. He got his medical discharge in 2010. At age 24, he has endured what no person should and come out the amazing young man you see…a triumph of the human spirit.

    He was ink free back when he was 20 in ’09. It’s been part of his own way of dealing with this horrendous situation and marking milestones in his recovery. If you look at his photo where he is standing with his back to you and his arms raised, you can see part of the large u-shaped scar on his right arm and the multiple raised keloid scars from the skin staples from putting his arm back together. It was also severely burned, so the extensive ink has a dual purpose in disguising these injuries that nothing else could. The foot tattoo is the best example of his humor in dealing with this tragedy. After moving to L.A., he spends his days at the gym and after being discovered there by Tom, he has embarked on a promising modelling career with which he hopes to support himself. It would be easy to sit at home with his disabilities, but his relentless gusto for life won’t let him.

    Our vets are an amazing batch of men and women. To work with them is humbling, inspirational and gives you great pride in what wonderful people our country can produce. Alex inspires all with his public persona, but is at his best when he visits the wards of those who are sadly travelling the same road to recovery. He inspires hope by example where an uninjured person’s words would sound like trite platitudes. He still keeps in contact with his brothers in the 2/3 as well.

    Stay tuned as, he has a role in an upcoming gay film, “Hot Guys with Guns”. Though straight, he is very gay friendly. Doug Spearman directs a “Thin Man” style comedy where a gay ex-couple try to stop a string of burglaries in West Hollywood. It just previewed at the Egyptian here in L.A. A good indie contender.

    Take time to give to vets either as a volunteer or money. Take time to sign the petitions so gay men may donate blood again to help save people like Alex. The UK, Australia, etc. allow gays to donate…why not us. Lastly, thanks to Alex and the millions of men and women who volunteer to serve our nation in the Armed Forces. OORAH!!

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