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  1. sad but a day to short, we the people! we the gays of the us have been and is still being miss treated through out this nation, I 59 was never so miss treated by my country as when my partner passed away who was a gs13 you don’t get to much higher with the us government, but ok lets see what the religous RIGHT dose to this I thought that I live in a country that stated seperation between church and state, so where dose the church have a place in the say where the us government decides for me!!

  2. O if any one has any question or wants to know what and why I was miss treated, You are all welcome to get in contact you will never belive what the us government dose to gay people

  3. saddly our fellow gay men the are log cabin followers need to get off there rumpps and start there oun party to realy doing something for the gay people of usa, remember it is the tea party and people like that that rather see us all in a bread line, but to the realization MOST GAY PEOPLE MAKE VERY VERY LARGE WAGES AND IT IS TIME THAT WE START USING OUR WEALTH TO DISTROY FOOLISH PEOPLE AND THE UNSAID HEAT THE PEOPLE HAVE FOR US, O’ buy the way eloquent or not the truth is washington needs to get off there asses, remember there is big taxes and social sucurity and insurence money along with health insurence and on on that washington and the big boys are making keeping us apart and not under the umbrella of marriage, that all married people fall under, just ask any gay person that has lost there partner will tell you oboy the gmen are right at your do, and if you have any money you will soon be paying taxes that no one else paid been there, there nothing better for washington the a rich fag that looses there partner

  4. Actually I think that if Obama were a bit more forceful or at least had a passionate manner in explaining what he believes in and why—then he might bring more over people to his side–and he could go down being a great president that will help move this country along.

    It is clear that the tea party types surely are bankrupt in their ideals and goals—mostly they seem to look backward and not forward as if we can somehow go back to some imagined “golden days”—golden days for straight, rich white Protestant men–I suppose—just about everyone else was pretty much shit out of luck—if you were some foreigner, a woman, gay/bi or lesbian or just someone who refused to or could not get married and pump out babies, Catholic, Jewish, “Oriental” or what have you–America just wasn’t for you.

    The thing is—for those who are pissed off that Obama is president—-there are polls out there that show that Obama actually has the support of 7 out of 10 Americans, his approval rating is at 52% while the Republican members of Congress have an approval of less than 10% and House Speaker and Majority Leader John Boehner has an approval level–of 18%–so you just have to get used to it–for those of us who loathed George W. Bush—but man–we never had this intense, deep-seated pure HATRED that many have for Obama–we did somehow survive 8 years of his presidency which was one major cluster fuck and yes—most of the rise in our national debt is not from what Obama has done from but fighting two simultaneous wars for over a decade on our national credit card issued by China–so you all just have to accept that you have to put up with Obama for a few more years.

    Pay back is such a nasty, skanky bitch, ain’t she!!!! LOL

    And all that secession and impeachment talk—that is just crazier than bat shit nonsense!!!

  5. Can we have Barack here in the UK please? The current shower (otherwise known as the UK government) needs to be got rid of.

    Barack…love ya mate. Your beliefs, policies and principles are spot on. Four more years…four more years…

  6. what most people fail to remember is that most people that died of hiv during the Regan years was the direct cause fron NO FUNDING, because mr regan didn’t want to fund the resurch, so afain usa die you suckers, after he left washington clinton liz taylor doris day and a few others raised tons of money to put the health of us back on track. we need to keep on with washington and use OUR VOTTING POWER and get out those that are not on the page to get the thingas done that should

  7. First of all Thanks to the supporters of Obama. He is making a difference. He is the best thing that has happened to us in a very long time. Second , all of you HATERS can get up off of his shit. Just because you don’t like him.

  8. It is such a shame that a man who can give such eloquent speeches can’t follow through with action on his points.What good is talk with no action. Our country can’t afford to keep up his spending policies.Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried.

  9. dear brooksville, “It is such a shame that a man who can give such eloquent speeches can’t follow through with action on his points”, well darling, that’s why he is a politician! 😀

  10. Interesting comments and strong opinions. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions, historical errors and opinions pretending to be facts. Both political parties sold out the public long ago. The moderates in both have largely abdicated to the middle as independents. That has left the shrill, hard line ideologues in each party. Neither have served the gay community well. The left gives a lot of lip service to gays, but achieves little and the right is increasingly fundamentalist and condemns homosexuality. Each serves increasingly narrow special interest groups for funding;favorable legislation; blind and unquestioning support. A pox on both their houses!

    Let’s first examine the statistics. To quote stats to smear one side when the stats are just as bad for your view, but you omit those is to mislead, not to inform. To be consistent and neutral, all stats are from Gallup Jan. 2013. Both parties often use Gallup, so that seemed fair. The overall approval rate for Congress is 14%. For the Dems Dec.12/Jan’13: 21%/15% and Rep. 14%/6%. For Bohner: 29% and Reid: 27%. A disgrace on all concerned. Obama’s approval jumped in Jan. to 54%…the same % that voted for him in the popular vote. However, if you look at his 4 year average of 49.1% approval, the picture is not good. Of the 12 post WWII presidents, only Ford and Carter rank lower. The 12 in order from top to bottom are: Johnson, Kennedy,Eisenhower, Bush II, Bush I,Nixon,Truman, Reagan,Clinton, Obama, Ford & Carter. Obviously, public opinion doesn’t match the hype in the press.

  11. Obama on gay marriage: In 2008, he wooed the gays to vote for him promising many things, including legalizing marriage. Once in office, the gay agenda disappeared. Obama has always approved of civil unions, but his stance on marriage has strayed to every extreme. In 2004, Senator Obama debating Alan Keyes was all for traditional marriage and civil unions, he was against legislation for gays to marry as that WAS NOT A CIVIL RIGHT. In 2008, candidate Obama, in an interview on Logo TV, he was all for civil unions, but not marriage as that was to be defined NOT by the government, but by the Religious community only. Politifact has an excellent timeline with all the other varying opinions he has held that didn’t include marriage. Then in May 2012, as the race tightened and a Gallup survey stated that the LGBT voters might be the group that sways the election for him, he had a sudden epiphany and tossed aside his long held Christian beliefs about traditional marriage and decided gay marriage was proper. Coincidence? Also on Oct. 26 2012, he said he WILL NOT push for gay marriage in his second term as that should be decided at the state level. He thinks (but not sure) that DOMA will be overturned by the courts. How about some leadership in sponsoring legislation to that effect instead of crossed fingers and magical wishing? Also, legislation to support gay marriage will ‘evolve’ in the states. How many years has it taken for the handful to enact pro gay marriage laws now and how many just re ently outlawed it? In whose lifetime will it become universal? He throws token bones to get your votes, then back to the back burner again. That’s a lack of interest, not leadership. No e words today in his speech, but actions speak louder than words. Let’s see….

  12. Here in the USA there is this repukelican gay group called the “log cabin.” I myself think this group has a case of the “Stockholm Syndrome .” Not sure how a group of gays that belong to the repukelican party think for one minute that , that party will champion their causes .

  13. Gays in the Military and DADT:
    Back in ’92, candidate Clinton ran for office promising to change the law banning gays in the military. Public opinion about gays was decidedly against gays in general and in the services in particular. The Dems were a majority in the House and Senate, and would remain so through 1994. Now President Clinton proposed lifting the ban to Congress. Dem. Senator Sam Nunn lead the charge to keep the absolute ban on gays. Reformer Barney Frank wanted to modify the code, not repeal it, though he ultimately voted for the appropriation bill that had language in it that upheld the ban. Ironically, the arch conservative, former Republican senator and retired Major General Goldwater argued for it’s repeal. In an opinion piece for the Washington Post in ’93, he quipped “You don’t have to be straight to shoot straight”. The Joint Chiefs, Congressmen from both parties and a large contingent of anti-gay groups were against it and flooded the congressional phone lines. Clinton, ever the populist president, went with what the popular poles said which was always the basis of his opinions instead of convictions…he backed off. Politics is the art of compromise, but occasionally you do have to stand on principles. A statesman does what is unpopular, but right. A politcian does wbats popular, but sometimes wrong. The Democratic majority that dominated Congress quickly passed legislation that restated the ban on gays. The embarrassed Clinton got his party to create a modified version that didn’t outlaw gays, it allowed them to stay hidden and silent…thus, “don’t ask, don’t tell”(DADT) was born. Clinton and the Democratic party, who the gay community traditionally supports without question, was betrayed instead of fighting for what was right.

    Fast forward to Sept. 24 2012, four days after DADT was formally repealled. Obama is addressing the Human Rights Campaign: “You want to be Commander-In-Chief? You can start by standing up for the men and women that wear the uniform for us, even when it’s not politically convenient”. Now slide back to May 2009. The military law experts at the Palm Center, a think tank for sexual matters and the military, gave Obama a solid constitutionally legal basis to suspend all discharging of gay military personnel by using an executive order as Commander-In-Cheif. He declined. Be said Congress had written the law and it was up to them to change it. He has written a lot of executive orders exempting laws, why stop with this one? Remember, the Dems controlled all 3 branches of government and had overriding majority in both houses of Congress. They could pass anything they wanted easily. Around the same time, Obama told Robt. Gates, Sec. of Def. and Adm. Mike Mullen, Jt. Chief of Staff, that he didn’t want to act on the repeal of the ban as it would distract from the debate on Obamacare. Remember his quote about doing right by gay military personnel even if it’s not politically convenient? The gays have been waiting for 19 years for justice…they can wait some more.

    Now for Hairburner, who wanted the gay Republicans to do something…well they did, but you weren’t watching. They accomplished what Clinton, Obama and the Dems failed to do. They brought suit, Log Cabin Repubicans v. U.S. in 2010 challenging the constitutionalty of DADT on the grounds that it violated the 1st & 5th amendments. The judge issued an immediate injunction barring the discharge of any gay from the military for any reason. This would stay in force until Congress finally wrote the law, ratified it and had it go into effect. So the Republicans were actually the first to get it functionally repealed while Congress took it’s sweet time.

    The lesson here is the belief that the Democratic party has been as loyal to the gay community as it professes to be or is perceived by the gay population is not true. The Democrats have just assumed that the Gays like the Blacks will automatically and blindly endorse them even when they get little or anything in return. Now is the time for Obama to finally show leadership, not just lip service. Now you’re a lame duck. You don’t have to worry if something is popular, just that it’s the right thing to do. We’ve been waiting for 4 years…if not now, when?

  14. so he is for we gays…. big fucking deal, he is a failure of a president…. I get sick of the idea that we have to blindly support the democrat, he has got us into more debt, is more stupid in what he says than Bush was, is really screwing us up with Obamacare, and he gets a free pass…. and he only came out in support of gay marriage and other gay related stuff to get votes. No one will agree with me, but he was raised a Muslim, is still very pro-Muslim… and I believe is still a Muslim. Go check out what they do with gays. They kill and torture us. So don’t believe for a minute he is actually pro-gay anything. He is whatever he needs to be to get votes. I can’t believe he got voted in again. I hate his guts

  15. I’m with buzzie1 on this. I’m a fiscally conservative independent/moderate social liberal and don’t agree with the direction in which this president is taking this country.

    Face it, what Obama said yesterday on the steps of the Capitol was just more lip service to placate his adoring worshipers. He’s a pandering politician first; a president second.

  16. I feel that all you gay men that are crying get off your asses in your local state and do some thing we have POWER, we just havn’t used it because it is esy just to cry and wyn!!! and this blog is full of you fags with every thing that is wrong and not trying to fix it Have any of you protested bet not because why no booz or even better therr is no drag queens to laugh at.. that is what you all are into, I am ashamed of gay pride it is a joke half men and half women walking all over the place and of course what dose the news media focus on thats right all the halfman and women not on our rights they think that we are just a big joke, and guess what we did it

  17. Yeah for Obama,as Lady Gaga says “We Were Born This Way”,we must fight for what is right,because the narrow-minded evangical right wing in the USA,Canada and rest of world won’t change so we gonna have to push back.

  18. lets face it I can’t take some one that has a picture of there dick or ass, realy men here we go again and you want some one to take us to washington.. HA HA no joke that isn’t going to happen till we clean up our act… and to have a defeated aditude.. I don’t think that is the right way to go we need to fight for our rights,,, come on guys you all need to think like a women!!! fight fight pols and big money can be changed

  19. I have to say, some people in what they belive in!!! like the birtha’s HE WAS BORN IN ANOTHER COUNTRY such bull you need to get you head out of the sand and not your cock head if you are a gay republican!! wow wow, I could give a rats ass just get off your ass insted of crying bitching and moaning.. this is the very thing that we don’t need, the wonder we have no rights,

  20. I write what I lived, not what I am told remember that to all All don’t realy know who I am, and you will never know! just be more understanding to each other we gay MEN yes MEN we need eachother or we are doomed

  21. Great discussion, gentlemen — may we have more like it, and more often.

    I’ll perhaps weigh in at greater length another time, but for now, I’ll just add that the president of the United States (Executive) is but one branch of a triumvirate government — the Judiciary and the Legislative being the other two. No matter how fervently one “leg of the stool” wants/needs/advocates for something, without the support of at least one other branch, the inititive goes nowhere.

    And in the case of President Obama, he is up against a bicameral legislature, one side of which is dead-set against him. Any president can be seen as a “do nothing” when given those circumstances. You can’t be a leader if no one is following.

    And while we’re at it, let’s dispense with the myth that the president controls the economy. Not true — all so-called “money” legislation must, according to the Constitution, originate in the House of Representatives. And don’t forget the Federal Reserve and the World Bank — entitiees which exert far more control over our economy that a sitting president does. Presidents either get lucky and serve during ecomonic prosperity, or are doomed to failure in tough times. As an example, Herbert Hoover was more than a decent administrator and president — but his timing sucked.

  22. oxymoron = “gay Republican”…LOL…I am 100% for the President…stand back and watch the next 4 years…moronic Reaganism (fascist conservatism) is DEAD…progressive liberalism is alive and well…

  23. @Buzzie1—Your ignorance is amazing . First off it is about time for reformd health care here in the USA . Second all those repukelicans that are so against Obamacare are taking full advantage of it from day one . There is a clause that allows parents to keep their child on their policy till they reach the age of 26 . As for repukelicans and gays . I believe you and all the other gay repukeicans suffer from a case of the “Stockholm Syndrome.”

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