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ACTIVE DUTY: Now I hope you all get to see this one. We know how fantastic and talented each of these boys is, and this is one helluva match up. Ivan James has become a huge favorite and it’s no wonder when you consider the way he performs.



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Ivan is a well-known cock fiend which made it easy to predict that he would be the first to stuff his face with firm dick meat, especially considering Ryan Jordan’s magnificent erection. That thing got swollen and ready instantly. Ivan went in for the kill immediately, swallowing Ryan’s man pole all the way down.



Then Ryan gets a turn to enjoy some knob slobbing and although Ryan’s cock is a work of art, Ivan’s ain’t nothin’ to spit at! Ivan’s dick is luxuriously girthy and always excited, especially when Ivan’s hole is filled. So after some good sucking, the guys get even deeper by switching into some hot 69 action. This is wonderful to see. Two guys having a good ol’ time, jacking and bobbing on each other.



And then it’s time for Ivan to get what he’s been looking most forward to. He climbs atop Ryan’s hulking, pulsating dong and eases it into his sweet ass. Ivan is one of the best dick cowboys on the AD squad and this is a great example of how talented he is.



Then we have Ivan bent over the bed, taking it nice a deep from his pal. Ryan’s dick is so large and in charge that Ivan has to ease into this position. After some slow going, Ryan works into a good pace, banging that tender hole like a strong soldier.





And then we end up getting to see Ivan spray a healthy load while on his back, getting railed even more. It’s an awesome climax after an incredibly hot build up. Get comfortable for this one, cause you’re gonna wanna take it all in!

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  1. They’re young enough to be my kids….but damn, I still wanna get in on this! Fuck it, they’re legal…if they’re willing, I am.

  2. the bottom is thick..asI like it but he is odd.The Top needs a little meat on his bones but Id still do him..both still look high schoolish.so a bit off putting..yet..as already stated..Legal..I’d ” baby boy” them..but skmebodys getting fucked..could be me..more likely Both of them in a nice sandwhich

  3. this top guy is so my type one of the best featured on here .. young slim and a cock nearly hanging off the end of a ruler .. nothing not to like about him .. just wish i was the bottom guy in the vid :/

  4. Anyone else wonder about the massive Band-Aid on ryan’s leg in the video clip. They managed not to show it in the stills.

  5. they’re faaaar too young to be on squirt …

    and they certainly don’t seem to be enjoying what they’re doing …

  6. Ryan is so fucking sexy, I’d love to play with him for many hours.
    Eatmequick, you missed the big bandage on his stomach under his belly button, and I seen his bandage in the still as well, the stomach on the bottom has a great six pack, but I’m not picky, and I’d never throw Ivan out if he wanted some good loving.

  7. Not much of a turn on for me way to young I have boy of my own at there age waiting for real men to be shown

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