Funny Ha Ha: Vintage 80’s Birthday Striptease (via pool boy magazine)


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  1. That was before my time, but a body and smile like that could dance for me, and I’d probably eat his cake and give him a massage. It would be hot fun!

  2. Hard to believe this has a ©1989. It’s so coy and mild in its nudity it belongs to a previous generation. The guy is channeling Rodger Daltrey as Tommy(’75), Playgirl had been showing full frontal since ’73 and the Chippendales had been working the stage since ’79. Maybe your grandmother’s bridge club would think it’s ‘naughty’ and break out the sherry. Nanas gone wild…lol!

  3. It was like a dam train wreck! I wanted to look away…God help me I tried. And the hair….what was his inspiration…Lion-O the Thundercat?

  4. Kept watching hoping to see more. it seems today that the show it all upfront is all we want. I enjoyed the ” want to see more ” kept me watching till the end . a tease like that would definitely get plowed by todays standards.

  5. Looks like Richard Simmons in his younger years, even dances the same!
    Very funny to see a strip tease like that these days they would be
    sitting on your face…lol

  6. What’s really funny are the comments….especially “…wish I had hair like that now.” ditto! Well, maybe not THAT hair! LOL

  7. OMG.. I just saw my 80’s hair come back to haunt me.. Damn you for posting Sgt. Coach.. Damn you to heck..!!

  8. The guy has a great body. The hair? Must’ve taken him an hour to do (not counting the coloring), then the AquaNet ….

    He gets points for no major salon tan lines, though you’d think that a man who’s a stripper would tan in the nude, and get rid of those tiny G-string lines.

    Consider this: He’s over 50 now.

    And yes, this would’ve been funny, lame and tame in 1989 (the “dancing” in particular — if you can call it that). Just the repetitive ’70s porn music track is enough to set this a decade earlier.

    Love to see what this guy looks like today (hair and abs especially).

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