Gay Matchmaker Gone Wild – Urgent 60-Day Moratorium On Anal Intercourse For Gay Men Over 40


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Paul Angelo MHA, MBA, the gay matchmaker from Miami urges a 60 day moratorium on gay anal intercourse. He argues that taking a break from anal intercourse improves self esteem, increases confidence and contributes to goal completion.


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Paul Angelo MHA, MBA, the Miami Gay Matchmaker who incorporates health, relationship and lifestyle coaching has again “gone wild” with the intention to save the gay community from poor self-esteem, lack of confidence and relationship confusion.

Angelo explains that receptive anal sex decreases self esteem by forcing the person to assume a submissive position during an act of pleasure. This confuses the brain to believe that a feminine-like behavior is appropriate for a man and in turn reduces the man’s assertiveness, confidence and will power.

Angelo says: “From Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), we know that a person’s thinking is strongly influenced by his body position. The fastest way to increase satisfaction and self-esteem is to align the thinking with the position/movement of the body, commonly referred to as a mind-body connection. This is often achieved through physical exercise, meditation and affirmations.

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When the body performs activities that are not in congruence with the beliefs and logic of the brain, conflict is created and with each repetition of the act, self-esteem of the person is reduced.”

“If you were to put all gay men together in a big warehouse and place the ‘bottoms’ on the left and the ‘tops’ on the right, you’d start seeing negative consequences of the anal sex play out in real life for the bottoms such as: disrespect for their general health, failure at work, failure in love and relationships.” says Angelo.

“I am not saying that every gay man should stop anal intercourse today. What I recommend is that gay men re-think the “Gay-Lifestyle” strategy and stop for one second to question the validity of all that is gay” says Angelo.

Dare to read the rest HERE!

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  1. His article is total nonsense but it made me think.

    I certainly know individuals who hope people will like them in exchange for sex or use sex as a temporary self-esteem boost, I’ve even done it.

    After reading this article and wading through the nonsense I found a pertinent point for me – if you’re using casual sex as an emotional crutch the results won’t be good. If your goals lie outside the bedroom take a break from cock and go get them.

  2. My guess would be the same Dead guy who made you the Mouth Piece, who Preaches his BS to everyone on here S & M. What goes around, “cums” around, so either Shut your Pie Hole S & M, or have it thrown back at you. 🙁

  3. There’s nothing “Funny Ha Ha” about crackpots like this. It’s too bad that some people may actually take him seriously. Pardon me while I “re-think the ‘gay-lifestyle’ strategy and question the validity of all that is gay.” This rubbish is one step away from granting credibility to everyone who thinks you can become an “ex-gay” if you want it badly enough.

  4. what a bunch of hogwash. this guy must be a gay man who doesnt like himself because he is gay and wants everyone else to be as miserable as he is

  5. I think this guy is trying to cover up the fact that he is not getting any. I never felt less of a person,getting fucked, then any other time. As a matter of fact, I always felt good about my self after getting fucked. And the guy who did it to me.

  6. There’s nothing any greater than two men making love, and becoming one you might say. God made us like this, and there is no greater feeling than sharing our utmost compassion with each other. Wish I had it every night.

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