GOLD SILVER BRONZE: It’s A Tie! Alexandre & Diagoro! NOW they must compete with Britain’s Bad Boy Ashley McKenzie (Judoka).


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Well, surprise… a tie! Cutie Canadian Despatie & Italy’s Timoncini were yesterday’s GOLDish favourites. Today, SUPER HOT McKenzie is here to whoop their asses.
SGT. COACH has included videos of our Olympic studs, just to help you along.


Alexandre Despatie

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Dude does know how to work a speedo.

Despatie’s sexy Gilette commercial

Daigoro Timoncini

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I wouldn’t say NO.


Ashley McKenzie

Mmmmm… McKenzie ass.

McKenzie’s lips… that is all!

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  1. Hard to choose between Alexandre and Timocini, but it’s got to be Alexandre. Alexandre every time!

  2. The men will need to be very careful to be safe because other men will get to have sex after the their sports events.

  3. Those are some magnificent eyes on Timoncini, but in my dreams I am taking the speedo OFF of Despatie. (Ashley looks like he could kill me with his little finger if I accidently used teeth)

  4. Platinum: James (and gold, and silver and bronze)
    But not to ruin the competition:
    #1: Diagoro
    #2: Alexandre
    #3: Ass-hley

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