GOLD SILVER BRONZE… JAMES (yep, again) VS India’s Wrestling Hottie Sushil Kumar & US Swimmer Nathan Adrian!


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You dudes REALLY LIKE JAMES! I gotta tell ya, my gold would go to Sushil… he’s so rugged & buff… and that ass of his… oh man…and Nathan ain’t so bad either. Let the James landslide begin! 😉

James Magnussen

Sushil Kumar

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Nathan Adrian

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  1. #3

    Yummy boys. I have a sudden urge to give a fuck about sports.

    Hoping we get to see more Asian boys during this competition as well!

  2. Although Nathan nearly tips James for me, it’s still gotta be JAMES FOR GOLD!!!
    1. James (Gold)
    2. Nathan (Silver)
    3. Sushil (Bronze)
    Must admit all three are very HOT!!!

  3. Gold – James the missile – he can fire his load at me anytime
    Silver – Nathan – the closest second to James so far
    Bronze – Suhil – just does nothing for me – so he is dragging the chain

  4. GOLD James,Silver Nathan, Bronze Sushil.
    I hope James finds out how popular he is with the boys and the old men!

  5. Gold- Sushil!

    I’m still waiting to see my fave, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt here. He’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but I find him very sexy. Plus, he appears to have a huge slab of dick and heavy set of balls stuffed down the leg of his spandex running shorts. Mmmm!

  6. Gold – Sushil
    Can’t we get some good competition here? Where is Alexandre Despatie?? 🙂

  7. gold/Nathan, silver/Sushil, bronze/James….but i do have to say it was really really close b/w Nathan and Sushil both just really beautiful men YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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