GOLD SILVER BRONZE: WTF, A SECOND TIE! Alexandre & Diagoro AGAIN. Let’s see if Bjorn can WIN You Over!


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Does this even happen in the Olympics? A double Gold tie? Well, good for you Alexandre & Diagoro… your hunkiness is equal apparently (to Daily Squirters). So, say hello to 24 year old decathlon Swede, Bjorn Barrefors. The face. The ass. The guns. The legs. THE CROTCH! Can he take the gold? You decide. Let the GAYmes begin…

Bjorn Barrefors

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Pics of Alexandre & Diagoro after the jump. (Someone should talk with Diagoro’s people… HE NEEDS MORE HUNKY SHOTS… HUGE FILES! That is all.)

Alexandre Despatie

Diagoro Timoncini

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  1. Wow you know how to make it hard coach… to decide that is lol
    GOLD – Bjorn
    SILVER – Alex
    Bronze -Diagoro

  2. bjorn all the way

    and on another note…..
    can you not read….fuck canada and vote for the hottest guy in your opinion…as the sarge says… someone said a bit ago….shut the fuck up…..and if you are incapable of vision i am sorry and then your should refrain from this site….
    and another note….
    do as sarge says and actually vote… always say basically the same thing….how about getting educated…..and there are programs available…..

    sorry for the rants….just love reading the posts….just not this…comments that aren’t understandable or relavent

  3. ALex!!!
    Watching those extra FULL Speedos dive at this moment
    Bjorn only if he works on that tan!!!

  4. Bjorn is a worthy opponent for Alexandre, but the speedos with the budgie in them have it

    La Medaille d’or – Despatie!
    d’argent – Bjorn
    bronze – diagoro…

  5. Still gotta go with Alex pour le medaille dór!
    Bjorn and Diagoro can share silver.

    Although it’s tough to choose when we only get hot pics of one guy and not the other 2!
    And my counter-rant is that Michelob’s posted comments were inappropriate, non-inclusive and quite unsportsmanlike in this Olympic competition. We judges need to show impartiality, or like bully tweeters, get sent home. Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to Americans.

  6. WOW, no competition 4 me – I’m trembling at the knees in anticipation:
    Gold – Bjorn – OMG, what a hunk and I’d train with him any day
    – the other two can just wait in line in any order (and way back too – LOL)

  7. WOW! Sorry Alex…but gold to Bjorn – what a sexy man – and that ass is fine indeed!
    Silver to Alex – that bulge is mouthwatering!

  8. James still without a doubt the winner of these Olympics.
    But for the competition:
    #1: Alex
    #2: Diagoro
    #3: Bjorn

  9. Bjorn Barrefors takes the gold this time; and I’m still advocating for a vote on U.S. gymnast Danell Leyva.

  10. very close but this time i love me my Bjorn then Alex in a close close second and then Diagoro

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