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HAIRY & RAW: After helping out his new furry buddy build a play space, Steve Sommers gets the reward he was hoping for in the form of bearded, indie bear, Bearsilien. Prepped and ready to go, Steve chows down on the inked and pierced Bearsilian’s fat, uncut, mouth-watering cock. He then buries his face in the man’s incredibly fuzzy ass and the next thing you know, the usually bottom Steve is pounding the hell out of Bearsilien in a sling! The horny bareback fuckers then flip and Bearsilian takes ownership of Steve’s ass and hole, slamming into him until they blow.

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  1. have to agree with the comments “each to its own” to the ones that are into it,,, ENJOY! lets respect each others likes ….

  2. Not my TYPE at all. “To each their own” I agree. At least I am NOT a bitter old queen that shit talks others by saying “FAT and UGLY … repulsive specimens of manhood” We as the gay community DEMAND from others respect,understanding and acceptance.Yet like some of the above NEVER give what we so militantly demand of others. Such a sad commentary on our community.

  3. A little heavy dudes for me, but nice rimable holes. Prefer guys with a bit of meat on them, but not too young, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s for me I’m always up to rim, suck and get rimmed, suck in a sling.

  4. Not my type although the lesser ‘heavy’ of the two isn’t all that bad….each to their own indeed so there must be some guys out there who think they are hot….not the worst set for me but by far not the best

  5. pig sex…love it!…I agree, not the prettiest of men…but they do seem to be really into the sex…and that’s hot…

  6. Not appealing to me–not because of their age or weight–I am older and have a few more pounds on me these days than I like or should have I do admit.

    What does turn me off here—-is the “LOOK” that these guys have—between the leather–something that I have never much cared for and most of all—-I don’t get this current thing with the big beards and then the “funky” top haircuts and side shaving.

    This look, what one person I know calls “the Lumbersexual look” that is popular with so many men these days: younger and older, gay, bi and straight.

    My preferred look is for a guy to “dress sharp” both in both their professional/business life and in their leisure with simple, clean, well groomed hair styles, facial hair, etc. Basically to be “clean cut” but stylish.

    The clothing styles ranging from clothiers such as Brooks Brothers, Joseph A. Bank, LL Bean, Tommy Hillfiger, Ralph Lauren/POLO, Lacoste, Tommy Bahama, Columbia Sportswear to just list a few of the many possible to chose from.

    Oh yeah—-sharp shoes from wingtips to the many buck or oxford styles to shoes offered by some of the really hot and hip shoe companies that are out there.

    If there are photo spreads being done by some of the gay companies featuring guys of all ages along these lines–I sure wished that they would get presented on here from time to time!!

    How about it Sgt Coach??

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