Happy Australia Day! Check Out These Hot Aussies


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January 26th is Australia Day – a national celebration of all things Australian. So many good things have come from ‘Stralia, including lamingtons, vegemite, and kangaroos. But, best of all, they’ve blessed the world with hot guys. They’ve burned the image of blond sun tanned babes into our minds – but hot Australians comes in all shapes and sizes. To celebrate, we’ve put together a gallery of hot Australian porn stars you probably want to know about:

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1. Rogan Richards

This handsome top has made going to the gym his passion – and it shows! Oh, and he also loves fucking sexy guys. Rogan Richards has made quite a name for himself and is any daddy-lover’s wet dream.



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2. Skippy Baxter

Skippy Baxter is Rogan Richards’ partner in crime and is equally sexy. When they aren’t shooting hot videos together, Baxter is taking sexy shoots of his own – solo and with other guys. He’s a hot bottom from down under!






3. Mathew Mason

Mathew Mason debuted in porn a few years back but decided to pull back from that world. That didn’t stop him from continuing to share sexy pics of his body, cock, and ass on Twitter and Tumblr though! He recently hinted on his Tumblr that he may make a return to porn – so keep your eyes on this sexy Aussie stud!






4. Beau Jackson

Beau Jackson is an enigma. We stumbled across this Australian boy who was a Bentley Race model, but pics of him are few and far between! That aside, he has a boy-next-door charm that makes him irresistible, so we figured we’d throw him into the mix.




5. Rick Chester

Rick Chester gives classic Australian good looks. He’s hot, he’s handsome, and he is back at it again! He originally started his porn career in 2006, disappeared for a bit and now he is back with AmateursDoIt. Keep your eyes pealed in 2017 for new hot stuff from this stud.

rickchester rickchester2 rickchester3 rickchester4

Which guy did you find the hottest? Comment down under!


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    • What does an Australian look like? That’s a dumbass comment. Why don’t they look like Aussies? Because they don’t have kangaroos on their cocks? Don’t be a twat.

  1. hmmmm…. a redhead, a blonde ,a brunette, a middle eastern dude…. yep VERY Australian kobie123……. Australia is made up of people from many different origins, all imports apart from the Indigenous…none the less, all very Australian

  2. interesting to see how the 1st 2 guys bodies change from being toned in some pics to being’normal’ looking in others. just goes to show,looking good is hard to keep up

  3. Rick Chester is the best, good to look at and sexy as hell.
    Take the rest to the lost dog’s home!

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