HAPPY JULY 4th America! The Country’s Gay Secrets (via HUFFpost)


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This Fourth of July, as you’re munching on hot dogs, launching fireworks and wondering if you took it just a little too far with your flag-themed outfit, take a break to appreciate this collection of gay secrets from the Land of the Free’s history.

From Abraham Lincoln’s bed fellows to marine man-love, there’s plenty in America’s past to make homophobes faint from something other than too much beer this Independence Day.

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If you’re interested in learning more about The United States’s queer past, check out LGBT lecturer Michael Bronski’s “Queer History of the United States of America.”

HERE’S A SAMPLE BELOW! CLICK THE COWBOY to see all 11 American Gay Secrets!

Gay Cowboys
Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger weren’t the first gay cowboys to saddle-up. On the American frontier poet Badger Clark‘s “The Lost Pardner” documents erotic relationships between rugged frontier cowboys:
“We loved each other in the way men do
And never spoke about it, Al and me,
But we both knowed, and knowin’ it so true
Was more than any woman’s kiss could be…

…The range is empty and the trails are blind,
And I don’t seem but half myself today.
I wait to hear him ridin’ up behind
And feel his knee rub mine the good old way.”

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-from ‘Sun and Saddle Leather,’ by Badger Clark


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  1. hot man
    but it’s nice to be a prood American. But put the flag somewhere else. we need to see that cock

  2. Proud to serve.
    Proud to be an American.
    Proud to be part of the struggle to help consider being gay in the military post-DADT.


    Any hung tops looking for a military bottoms 1-800-Soo-Easy; ask for me. 🙂

  3. The flag boy was hot. Very hot,
    Loved the poem THE LOST PARDNER,it was very moving. The aching a man can have for another mans touch ,even just a slight one at that,

  4. Just a observation, but was there no mention about Canada Day, July 1! Unless I missed it? What gives?

  5. Interesting “queer history” segment, though I doubt Lafayette was writing to George Washington in 1979, 10 years after Stonewall. Puts things in perspective — same-sex power and influence in America (or the world) did not begin in 1969.

    And belated best wishes to our neighbors up north, and apologies for being three days late.

  6. Fascinating stuff.. not keen on the Huff Post but more stuff like this please, instead of the inane “which would you choose” rubbish.. tho saying that, the flag boy is some damn fine eye candy.

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