He’s Waiting…


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  1. That is the ass of a man who is too fat and too hairy.
    Also, that position indicates a self-centered total bottom who wants only one thing… to be serviced. Ha!

    Why don’t bottoms realize that for good tops, there is never a shortage of bottoms. And guys who just lay there like a woman are not gonna cut it against the competition.

  2. Spread those cheeks and let me at that sweet rosebud….YUM! And thank you Coach for finally put Mr. Negativity in his rightful place!

  3. needmen and sgt coach, please don’t say anything to him. He just wants someone to talk to him and we’re most likely the only ones in his life who do. Don’t give him what he wants and maybe he might go away.

    Now I’d rather see his legs than his arse. Just me.

  4. Have you guys ever heard of a guy called Einstein?

    Sorry, he is not gay, nor alive, and I doubt anyone ever bumped into him at an STD clinic or tattoo gallery. Many think he was the most brilliant thinker ever. I don’t know about that but here’s what he had to say about the millions of people who opposed and resented his intelligence and critical thinking skills:

    “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.”

    A monkey reading my comments would note that I am often extremely complimentary about a large range of guys, while being frank about the many barkers. Do you just ignore it when I call a man “exquisite” etc?

    A lot of people here have very uncomplimentary things to say about many of the guys dredged for this forum. Your record is extremely spotty in finding men who appeal to a broad range.

    It’s okay if you hate people for superior thinking skills. After all, I don’t want anything to do with guys who have closed minds or problems with reading comprehension.

  5. lurker you have done nor said anything that shows you have superior thinking skills. in fact you have proven quite the opposite every time you post on here so just shut your fat mouth and if you dont have anything good to say about the post that day dont post anything

  6. All you guys who keep publicly complaining about lurker’s comments are just feeding him. It’s obvious he’s just a bully. Bullies are insecure people who behave the way they do because they crave attention.

    Frankly, as much as I’m sure I would dislike the man if I met him, I get get a kick out of seeing what kind of stupid, self-centered comment he has to make about most posts.

    He claims to make complimentary remarks and whines that no one pays them any attention. It’s true, he occasionally finds something about the photos that meet his very rigid standards that few could hope to meet. But they are very few, and very far between.

    But I suggest the rest of you either ignore his posts or take them for what they are, entertaining insights into the mind of a self-loathing bully.

  7. Guys, that’s what I said about lurker over a week ago. Ignore him. Thanks majmuyeman for reminding everyone. And thanks Sgt. Coach for finally telling this jerk off.

  8. Just a week or so ago, the object of your collective ire said in his own posting that if someone didn’t have anything good to say about something, they shouldn’t say anything at all.

    Apparently he’s either forgotten he said that, or didn’t mean it when he said it. Hypocrisy is like that, I guess.

    As for Sgt. Coach admonishing anyone about anything, that’s laughable, as he works for this site, and this site obviously condones and approves the comments it runs, or they wouldn’t run. Pink Triangle (et. al.) has the power to delete any comments it finds truly offensive. By not doing so, they therefore agree with the commenter — or at the very least, condone such hatespeech by their inaction — perhaps for the sake of “enlivening the debate.” If so, then shame on them for using cruelty, hate and ignorance against a population that’s endured more than its share of all three over the years.

    That’s why my membership remains at the “basic” level.

  9. @ Lurker, sorry mate I don’t think you have a superior intelligence or thinking skills. You sound like a bitter old man who lives in the past (70 & 80’s) and doesn’t realize the world has moved on, one example of that is your hate for tattoos or body art as it is now called. In fact I see you as having a closed mind and not willing to accept change or diversity. I and I’m sure many other just see you as a lonely bitter old man who is well past him boyhood prime, unable to attract the youthful guys you are may have been used to in previous years and cannot accept or be willing to grow old gracefully.

  10. No, tats today are called “willful disfigurement”, Sharp_9999. I don’t think many people here disagree given the general distaste for the overly disfigured.

    That’s all they are; worn by lonely lonely bitter old men who are way past their boyhood prime and unable to attract the youthful guys you may have been used to in previous years and cannot accept or be willing to grow old gracefully.

  11. “worn by lonely lonely bitter old men who are way past their boyhood prime and cannot accept or be willing to grow old gracefully.”

    So, when’s your appointment at your local parlour, then?

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