Hideaway Noosa, Your Gay Men’s-Only Resort on the Sunshine Coast, Australia


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Enjoying the tropical sun on my naked body, I stretched out contentedly on the poolside lounger. 

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Earlier, I had talked with a well-muscled bearded man. Now, he smiled and walked across the patio, sitting by my feet at the end of the lounger. 

“Mate, you look nice and warm,” he said, taking hold of my foot and caressing the instep with strong, calloused hands.

He was a farmer from the Australian Outback visiting the city on business and taking a pleasure break before returning to his farm. We were at Hideaway Noosa, a men’s only resort at Peregian Beach on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, a short drive north of Brisbane.

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As he continued to play with my foot, his other hand moved up my leg towards my obvious, growing erection. 

I tilted my head to get a better look at his stiff dick. With a quick smile, staring into my eyes from beyond my sunglasses, his hands moved up my body, finally reaching my waist; he started to stroke my now rock-hard cock. 

During my stay at Hideaway Noosa, you could say I was winning friends and influencing people around the resort. As my calloused hand hunk continued to stroke my hard dick, another guy I had spoken with earlier, Jack from Sydney, came out towards us. 

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Jack was a daddy type with a bald head and a slight beer belly beneath his hairy chest. “Looks like you make friends quickly,” Jack said, looking down as the farmer slowly jerked my stiff cock. He sat down on the adjoining lounger. “Don’t mind me; I like to watch fellas'” he said to both of us.

I didn’t mind; I love an audience. But Jack obviously had participation in mind as he knelt and pressed his thick stiff cock toward my mouth. Feeling hornier seeing Jack’s large throbbing cock, I couldn’t resist Jack’s not-so-subtle hint, and I wrapped my lips around his cock’s bulbous uncut head, slowly easing it deeper into my mouth while the farmer took my cock into his mouth.

Before I knew it, the two men brought me to my feet and led me to a door I hadn’t quite noticed before near the corner of the swimming pool. Inside was a tiny room, maybe a closet at one time, just big enough for a mattress on the floor. 

Despite the locale change, we kept things moving, continuing our hot cock sucking from the lounger chairs just moments ago, with me on Jack’s thick cock, him sucking the farmer’s veiny dick, and the farmer sucking me. 

When the farmer started to finger my hole, I couldn’t focus on sucking, only keeping my mouth open for Daddy Jack to face-fuck me. That did it for Daddy as he slapped my face with his dick and then started coming on me, all over my eager face, getting a bit of that precious load in my eye, but I smiled wide with one eye watching myself squirt my own load out like a firehose. The farmer was the last to unload as he stood and jerked a cock that I swear looked even bigger than a moment ago, splattering my face, neck and chest with more hot seed, making me a sticky, happy mess. We stroked at each other’s bodies, exchanging more relaxed smiles. 

Soon, we emerged into the sunshine and returned to the pool and loungers. I followed my two play pals from the little room, and the other guys around the pool seemed delighted to see me all covered in dripping cum. “Sexy mess!” someone shouted.

After a quick shower and a sip from my wine glass, I leisurely swam around the pool. Later in the day, I dressed to walk down the beach to the village for a meal at the pub and a little shopping trip, returning to the Hideaway in time for cocktails in the hot tub. 

Such were my idyllic days at Hideaway Noosa. On most nights, I’d join my neighboring room residents (I thought of us as the Four Amigos) on outings to the swanky downtown Noosa Heads, where various exotic restaurants are side by side with nightclubs and high-end retailers.

aerial view of Hideaway Noosa gay mens beach resort in Queensland australia with the resort's pool shown in the middle among other units and houses with the large seashore beach shown in the background via booking.com
via Booking.com

Where Exactly is Hideaway Noosa on the Queensland Coast?

Hideaway Noosa Men’s Resort is in the Peregian Beach area of the Sunshine Coast, 130 kilometers north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. However, the nearest city is Noosa Heads, and coastal towns are strung along this shore of broad sandy beaches on the Pacific Ocean. It’s a two-hour drive from the big city of Brisbane, but I took twice as long to arrive at the resort, opting to travel by metro and then local city buses for my week-long stay. 

Noosa Hideaway Men’s Resort is a clothing-optional, male-only hotel. It has a lovely swimming pool surrounded by exotic plants, lounge chairs in the shade, and the Australian sun beaming down on you. 

It is open to day visitors who pay a modest fee to use the pool, hot tub, and spa area. The spa is a spacious building set up like a typical gay bathhouse, so if you’re expecting the guesthouse sex-filled vibes of places you might see in gay Fort Lauderdale or Palm Springs, you won’t be disappointed. 

Like many bathhouses that have porn playing non-stop off television screens, there is a theatre showing gay porn at Noosa Hideaway, too, plus a common area and small playrooms, even some with glory holes

The day spa gets many visitors not staying at the resort, so this ensures there are always enough guys to have fun with and more “cumming” through the door throughout the day. 

It’s a winning formula, and, similar to my stays at other gay male resorts, I love staying at gay nude resorts with day visitors. I’ve also enjoyed similar places in Palm Springs, Thailand, South America and Portugal. Still, Hideaway Noosa was special because of the fabulous beach and the friendly, casual Australian vibe of the staff, the guests and the local people. 

What is the Experience at Hideaway Noosa Like for Overnight Guests?

For overnight guests, the resort has four types of rooms, with the least expensive being a room with a shared bath or pricier options that can go up to a large suite with a private bath and pool view. The pricier rooms also have kitchenettes, but a shared kitchen is available to all with coffee and tea, if you’re looking to go more cheap and cheerful when planning your stay. 

The sleeping rooms are well-equipped for overnight guests and have large, sturdy beds, so don’t worry about pounding your bottom buddy too hard and breaking the mattress. The rooms all have flat-screen televisions, are well furnished, and have outside seating areas, ranging from a small table and a couple of chairs to a semi-private pool view deck. There are also a couple of open-air covered lounge areas with big televisions and comfy sofas where you can take a break from the spa and poolside action.

smaller private suite with double bed, towels, private kitchen and bathroom and large TV at Hideaway Noosa, Gay Men's-Only Resort on the Sunshine Coast, Australia via booking.com
via Booking.com
larger private suite with private sitting area couch, double bed and kitchenette Hideaway Noosa, Your Gay Men's-Only Resort on the Sunshine Coast, Australia via booking.com
via Booking.com

What Attractions and Finds Can I Discover Near the Hideaway Noosa Beach Resort?

The Hideaway is a short block from the beach, extending in either direction outside your range of vision. The village centre of Peregian Beach is less than one kilometre away and makes a nice beach walk. There, you’ll find a supermarket, liquor store, pharmacy, hardware store, surf shop, boutique stores and restaurants, and pubs and cafes. 

The area offers various attractions and recreation, from surfing, kite surfing, whale watching, kayaking, golfing, hiking and shopping when you need a break from the dicks and males of the resort or if you want to take your new sexy friends on a local adventure. 

A sexy dining adventure will be in your cards, as the resort doesn’t have an on-site restaurant, only a couple of snack and drink vending machines, but a dozen restaurants and pubs within a short beach walk. Guests can also order food for delivery or use the shared kitchen and barbecue if they choose to go grocery shopping while there.

What Other Attractions Can I Find in Noosa?

If you’re looking for some touristy bits while enjoying your stay, some well-known spots include:

  • Noosa National Park – A pristine piece of coastline on a small peninsula, only about 10 kilometres from the resort; at the National Park, you will find a variety of habitats, including grasslands, rainforests, hilltops, and rocky and sandy coastlines. 
  • Not far from Noose National Park, the Noosa Everglades is a unique hydrological feature—the world’s only everglades other than the one in Florida. This river of moving water flows through a rich habitat of grasses and plants. You can see Pelicans, Ducks, Eagles, Cormorants, and Jurors birds here. Rent a kayak or join a cruise aboard an eco-boat.
  • Sea Life Sunshine Coast is an aquarium / marine life refuge open to the public with displays and demonstrations. It features hundreds of species of fish, shellfish, marine mammals, penguins, seals, and more. One spectacular highlight is the Shark Tunnel, a 260-foot glass tube through a tank full of sharks and other fierce creatures; visitors go through on a moving walkway. Sea Life is located in Mooloolaba, 20 kilometres south of the Hideaway Resort.
  • The Glasshouse Mountains are an unusual geological formation 45 kilometres south of the resort. Hundreds of millions of years ago, they were formed by volcanoes, which eroded over time, leaving only the central lava tubes. The vertical rocks rise dramatically over the intense green of the surrounding rainforest and pine tree plantations. There are great hiking trails for every skill and fitness level, and the volcanic tubes are great for rock climbers.
  • The Noosa Kite Surfing School is right on Peregian Beach for kite surfing fun. You can take beginner’s lessons and rent all the equipment needed. The beach is renowned worldwide among kite surfers for its consistent and favourable winds.
  • The beaches at Noosa Heads have excellent wave conditions for conventual board surfing. You’ll find the Noosa Heads Surfing School at the beach, where you can get beginner lessons and rent boards and wetsuits. You can also get a board and suit at Peregian Beach.
  • Golfers can hit the greens at the Peregian Springs Golf Club. It is among the finest gold courses/clubs on the Sunshine Coast and is a ten-minute drive from the Hideaway.

Can I Take Public Transport to the Resort When I Arrive in Australia?

I enjoyed my journey to the Hideaway by Brisbane’s public transport, so I spent one day happily riding the rails just to see the scenery. The metro system runs over 100 kilometres north of Brisbane, and local buses connect the rest of the way. The rail line passes through some fascinating and beautiful places. 

It begins in the downtown station and passes through suburbs, scattered towns and farms, rainforest and bush, and a ridge of steep green hills dividing the valley from the coastal plains.

After a morning out exploring, I was happy to return to the Hideaway. The afternoon was sunny and a warm 30 degrees, so I headed right to my room and took my clothes off before coming out to the pool area to see and be seen. 

When I arrived, there were 20 naked men of different types around the pool with drinks in hand and their goodies on display. 

Half a dozen daddies were scattered among guys in their 40s and 50s, plus a couple of cute young twinks. There were a couple of hot Asian-looking guys and a very exotic fellow with a buff physique who looked like he might be an Aboriginal Australian. Some guys were paired up, and cocks were in different stages of erection as the hookup play happened in the gorgeous afternoon sun.

After checking out the new arrivals, I found my friends settled in their poolside loungers, and we were again the Four Amigos. We had all been at the Hideaway for almost a week and had all fooled around in pairs and threes, and all four of us together in a glorious tangle of penises, hands and holes. We enjoyed each other’s bodies and company during our stay, and honestly, trips like these, where you form a core group of fuck buddies, are always fun and adventureful.

Later, I joined one amigo in the hot tub as the sun went down. Adam, a handsome 50-year-old muscle stud, smiled as I walked over with my cocktail in a plastic cup to hang out and chat with him in the inviting, bubbling water. 

Our feet accidentally touched under the hot water, and he interpreted it as a sign that I wanted some sugar. Talk about a happy accident! Adam stood up and moved his cock close to my face, and I happily took his wet erect cock between my lips. I opened my mouth wide, trying hard to hide my happy smile so I could give Adam a proper blowjob. I slide my lips down his very, very thick (but short) shaft. Shaped like a soda can, his blessed cock was a mouthful, in which I needed a moment to get a proper grip with my tongue and lips on that fat dick. 

I was going up and down, bobbing and swallowing him to the base, and he started humping and thrusting into me. Our lusty enthusiasm began making waves in the hot tube, and when a wave splashed noisily out of the hot tub, we regained a bit of composure.

But only for a second. 

Adam repositioned himself to the edge of the hot tub, and I turned around and knelt on the seat, and went back to sucking his thick dick.

“You like the sweet taste of that?” he asked, swinging his hard cock back and forth enticingly. “Usually I have dessert later,” I answered, leaning forward and taking his dick between my lips, then pushing his hot meat right down my throat; Adam jammed his pelvis even further into my face, and I let out a gleeful choke, pulling his dick out quickly and coughing up a bit of spit and pre-cum before taking that hard fat cock back into my eager mouth. 

Adam started to moan, and I knew exactly what was happening, pulling my lips tighter to ensure he wouldn’t pull away that hot cock. Soon, Adam was giving me a mouthful of hot jizz, and the nutritious load spilled down my chin; some of the hot spunk even hit the floor near the hot tub as Adam jerked his body in ecstasy.  


That night, the Four Amigos were joined by three new guests who had arrived that day and befriended our group. We drove in two cars and ate dinner in an upscale seafood restaurant in Noosa Heads.

As we all read the menu, I turned to Adam, my hot tub mate and quietly said, just to him, “Usually I have dessert later.” And we both shared a private, sexually charged laugh that felt almost as intimate as the act itself was. 

If you’re hungry for a good time, the company of men, and a trip to the more relaxed seaside location of the Sunshine Coast in Australia, you won’t be disappointed by Hideaway.

I look forward to returning to the resort one day soon and helping myself to whatever is on the menu poolside the next time I’m there.

male in the ocean on the sunshine coast of australia
view of the ocean in noosa on the sunshien coast australia


Andy Oh lives near Vancouver, BC. He travels the world searching for sensual delights to share with his readers. He is Urplaypal on Squirt.org, and you can reach him at andy.oh@hotmail.com

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