Hot Cocktale: Grocery Store Hookup


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I was looking forward to the weekend and having some time to myself, I had woke up early Saturday morning, I showered and douched in case I got lucky. I left the house before anyone else had woke up and decided I would run some errands and take a trip to a local park and walk around and check out the view.

I had been out about a couple hours, and decided to log into my account on Squirt and see if anyone was around. I went in to local Food Lion and was doing some food shopping.

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I hadn’t been in store but about 10 minutes when I checked my phone and saw I had a message. I opened it and there was a guy looking who was just a few miles away.

We chatted as I did my shopping he told he was a married top looking for an early morning hookup. I told him him that sounded perfect as I am a total bottom, he showed me a cock pic and I was instantly turned on.

We agreed to meet up at the park I like to walk at. We agreed to meet in 20 minutes, I got there 10 minutes ahead of him and did some prep, I pulled my poppers out and took several hits.

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Made sure I had my lube and waited for my hung bbc to arrive. He is here right on time, we had parked on the farthest end of the parking lot facing where we could see anyone pull in and have time to cover up.

He gets out his car and climbs into my SUV, he is about 6 foot tall, weighs about 155lbs, toned and athletic build. He gets in and introduces himself, his name is James, he works in the tech industry, and we exchange small talk.

As we talk I notice he keeps adjusting his package, which thru the outline in his jeans looks about 7 and half inches semi hard. He asks me if I like what I see. I tell him fuck yes.

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James smiles n says good, that he loves big thick white bottoms, I tell him that I am his guy. I reach over and fondle him thru his jeans and smiles and says for me to open his jeans.

I eagerly smile and say sure thing, I undo his Jeans and reach into them and pull his cock out, it’s rock hard and looks around 9 inches, with big thick head, I stroke a few times before I slide his pants down to his ankles.

He hits the lever to lay his seat back and says have it big boi, I kiss the tip, and lick the shaft all the way down to his pubes. He moans and swirl my tongue around his cock head, then I proceed to suck n slurp his cock all the way to his belly.

I pick up the pace and now I’m sucking n stroking him in a good rhythm. He moans and tells me he wants me to get undressed. I usually am not into car sex, but he has me so turned on, I say let’s climb in the back seat.

I dove into the back seat and he is pulling his pants off, and proceeds to get out the truck an climb into back seat with his swollen hard 9 inches of BBC swinging and tell him he is fucking sexy.

He gets in the back proceeds to squeeze my nipples and then sucks on em, I don’t know how he knew I was into that but he has me so fucking turned on. He grabs me and tells me lay belly down on the arm rest between the two front seats. Says this is how he loves to fuck and plus I can keep watch for any visitors.

I lay as he told me and I feel him touching my ass, rubbing. And caressing it, softly rubbing it all over, pulls my cheeks apart and then I feel his wet fat tongue and he is eating my ass out like a boss. He is licking n sucking and shoving his tongue in and around my man pussie hole.

He does this for what seems like days, but is only about 10 minutes. He does this well, then feel the wetness of the lube he brought, he rubs it in my crack and fingers it into my hole.

He starts with one and then works up to three fingers and is probing and loosening my hole for his cock.
He rubs it up and down my ass and proceeds to push his cockhead against my hole several times.

Then he asks me if I’m ready, I tell him fuck yes, and with that he shoves his cock balls deep into my man pussie, the pain is intense but also extremely a rousing.
He waits a few seconds before he starts to slowly push in and out, back forth in and out. He does this over n over. Squeezing my hips and smacks my ass cheeks.

He then picks up the pace and I am in heaven. I push back and get In Rhythm with his thrusts. He is telling me that my man pussie is his and he is gonna dump his load in my guts. I tell James, no I bet him to bred my ass and fill me up.

James laughs and says you’re a good slut, then he picks up his pace, slamming that fat cock in me over n over.
I am moaning and begging him to go harder, James picks up the pace and is fucking my ass harder n harder and while he smacks my ass and tells me I’m his slut now.

I tell him my man pussie is his, the sound and the smell of our sexcapade is intoxicating and James and myself are both sweating profusely and I can feel his cock starting to swell, I squeeze down with my pussie muscles and he it isn’t long he tells me he is gonna cumm.

With that the first of what I can guess is about 10 ropes of thick cumm. He just keeps stroking inside me as he finishes cumming. He doesn’t stop till his cock goes soft and falls out my ass. We both collapse into each other. He whispers in my ear that my pussie was just what he needed and wants more of.

I tell James that is one of the best fucks I ever had. We laugh and tell our good byes and that he will definitely get up with me and the next time we meet up will be I. A bed somewhere. Until our next meeting……..

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