HOT or Hilarious?


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Oh man… what is it about men with hot bodies messing it up with outlandish accessories & attitude? Case in point… this guy.

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Nice slender muscular torso, giant schlong, patches of fur, abs…

and then BANG… Plastic Man sunglasses, a sloppy yellow durag… all knowing gaze (or is that all knowing dazed).

Hot bordering on hilarious? “He’s SUPER HOT man!” “This guy is a joke!” Please sound off with your opinions on this dude and/or what makes a man HOT and what makes a man just NOT HOT!

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  1. He’s NOT and Neither(of the above) He’s NOT even wearing enough Gold chains and Jewelry to pass as a Pimp 🙁

  2. PS – maybe he’ll be able to afford more jewelry ( or have them given to him as payment) from the offers he’ll receive from the dozens of members who will no doubt be throwing themselves at his feet ( or 3rd leg anyway) Begging to be one of his ..uh…Patrons 😉

  3. Obvious! It’s a cry for help>
    He desperately wants you to notice something other than his pachyderm proportioned schlong.
    The accessories are saying “Hey! What about my Phd in Fluid dynamics” “What about the work I do with inner city kids with learning difficulties”. “Notice the real me, Man!”

  4. Maybe his photographer was posing him. Notice the guy in the mirror, he looks normal. Perhaps he is from a distant foreign country like Nigeria and he is looking for funds to help him go to Oxford. Please guys, give a poor young man a break.

    Obviously, tongue in cheek.

  5. He is a little over accessorized, without a doubt. It’s like women in porn who almost always wear shoes, whether in bed or by the pool. Just plain stupid. This guy is definitely HOT,HOT,HOT and that is because of that juicy cock. Lose the bling…and come give me the dick.

  6. Sorry, I don’t give a fuck what “accessories” or other bullshit he is wearing–with lips like that, that body and a his gorgeous cock I’d overlook it all!!!

  7. I don’t mind his accesories too much. I’m a New Mexico boy at heart and we definitely love our accesories (Though, nothing as cheap as this). I’d say that the layering/combination is a bit off, but it’s honestly not enough to make me say no to a good high-powered impaling 😛

  8. the gew gaws don’t bother me….this guy is one sexy hottie…would even like to see him dressed in tight jeans…I find that sexier than nude…no shirt of course and the jeans should be well worn !

  9. come on fellas…he’s HOT!!..the accessories are temporary…that DICK and BODY are permanent!!

  10. I don’t care what he is wearing on top it is the big fuck stick between his legs that i want oh baby pound my ass till you blow your juice in me

  11. There’s a reason he’s hiding his face in every pic with something… I’d invite him over when I need the paint peeled off my walls! As usual, the guy can be so Hideous looking he’d scare the Sh*t out of a Vampire, but all the guiys see on this site is his cock. Probably wouldn’t matter if the guy had AIDS and wanted to Bareback you all, you’d be Bent over so fast, the Suction would eat a Black Hole ( as in the Space Hole, for all you whiners out there looking for racism in every comment) 🙁

  12. HOT HOT HOT!!! This guy could wear a red clown nose and a pink fright wig! – I’d still be worshipping that gorgeous torso and that huge dick!

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