Hot Webcam Guys Put on a Sexy Show


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There’s something strangely intimate about watching a guy strip down for you on camera. From the slow removal of his shirt and underwear, to the slow stroking of his cock for you to see, it can be entrancing, arousing, and just plain sexy. Needless to say, the use of webcams has definitely gotten more titillating since it’s original purpose – to help Cambridge University students check coffee levels without having to get up and leave their desks. Since then, gay and bi men have enjoyed the luxuries of live camping with each other, streaming sexy feeds from online stars, and recording hot videos of them fucking, jerking off, and summing – for all to see! In honour of our annual Cam ’N Cum competition, we’ve put together a sexy gallery of hot guys giving it a go on cam. Enjoy!

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1. This stud uses his cam for a slow reveal… needless to say it was worth the wait!

2. This couple propped up their webcam to film themselves fucking on the floor. Talk about hard wood flooring.

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3. You don’t need a partner to make a sexy video. This self-sucker is self-sufficient.

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4. This stud fucks himself with a dildo before oozing warm cum down this thigh. I guess you could call it a “down load”.

5. These two don’t need fancy camera angles to get us turned on. All they need is a webcam and some good old fashioned fucking.

6. This horny guy used his phone camera to take a sexy POV shot of his jerk off session. It’s like he’s cumming right at us!

7. Thanks to modern technology, this twink can share his cock sucking skills with the world!

8. Webcams have really changed our perspective on porn. Now any hot guys can make their own amateur flick!

9. It looks like personal ads now come in video format. Any takers?

10. What better way to finish than with a guy finishing on his mate?

Don’t you love a hot amateur video? Make sure you vote in our Cam ’n Cum contest. Feeling sexy? Submit your own video for a chance to win awesome prizes:

Cam N Cum Prizes from, Flashback, Aeros, Manship, and Wicked

Check out the full contest details, and leave a comment below about your favourite video!

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  1. OMG … what about that cock in the 1st clip .. id love to be on me knees to that .. it just kept on coming out of them jeans that was a monster being released !!! OOoohhhh Yeahhhhh

  2. Wot an amazing collection of vids! Each hotter than the next! Big dicks, big squirters, hands-free and self-suckers… did it for me!

  3. the bottom being bred was hot, but he didn’t want that cum in his ass so its kinda FU. Hope he didn’t regret letting that asshole fuck him

  4. Squirt should do more of these. Love the webcams! The dude in the first clip is fucking unreal. That cock real – the stuff of great porn.

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