How Many Different Ways Can You Have Sex?


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Today is National Sex Day! Why, you ask? Well June 9th can be written as 6/9, so what better day for a steamy 69? In honour of National Sex Day, we’ve put together a gallery celebrating some of the many different ways gay and bi men fuck. Check them out below:

1. Blowjobs

What’s sexier than having a hot stud look up at you as he takes your cock in his mouth and starts blowing you? Blowjobs are an intimate, sexy way to hookup. Whether you prefer to give or to get doesn’t matter, as long as you get off.


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2. 69’ing

If you like giving and getting blowjobs, then what’s better than doing both at once? It’s such a turn on to suck a thick cock and feel your partner suck yours at the same time. 69’ing can get tricky if you’re different heights, so don’t hesitate to throw in some ass eating. Warming your partner’s hole up is the perfect addition to a blowjob.



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3. Eating Ass (Rimjobs)

Whether it’s the appetizer or the main course, eating ass is definitely one of the perks of being a gay or bi man. Bending a guy over and exposing his tight hole to your tongue is the perfect way to spend National Sex Day. See someone cute online? Don’t hesitate to shoot him a message. You could be sitting on his face by tonight.


4. Mutual Masturbation

What’s hotter than watching porn and jerking off? Watching porn and jerking someone else off. Mutual masturbation is undeniably the best way to help out a friend, so go lend a hot guy a hand.


5. Circle Jerk

Circle jerks take mutual masturbation to the next level. They say two is company, three’s a crowd. Well more than that and you’ve got yourself a party. Celebrate 6/9 by getting a group of hot guys together and whipping it out. Send out invites to your place and everyone will be coming 😉



6. Anal Sex

When you’re done with the warm up above, it’s time to get to the main act: anal sex. There’s something so satisfying about sliding a dick into a tight hole. Whether you’re a top who loves to fuck hard, a bottom who takes it like a champ, or both, there’s no denying that anal sex will make your whole week and your hole weak.

Check out these hot tops:



…and these sexy bottoms:





7. Threesomes

Don’t be greedy and keep your hot hookup to yourself – why not invite a friend? They say good things come in threes, well good men cum in threes too.




8. Orgies

When it comes to sex, the more the merrier: more guys, more dicks, more ass, more fun! Assembling a group of horny, hot, hung guys means hours of endless fucking.





9. Double Penetration

Now that you’ve got a group together, why not try to double the fun? Pick the most eager bottom and show him twice the attention. There’s no feeling like having two dicks in a hot bottom, thrusting furiously until they both bust inside that tight hole.


10. Facials

And now for the big finish – where better to cum than on your partner’s face?




What other kinds of sex do you like to have? Comment below!

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  1. sure these guys are hOT but nothing wrong with some of today’s wow’s
    my only complaint is there is never enough GINGER guys.

  2. my first experience was dry humping with an 18 yr old.(I didnt cum but I got a thrill which I have never forgotten(..the guy did not suspect what I was feeling…I still like lying on top of a guy and rubbing cocks together and wil kissing until we cum.

  3. At this point I’d be willing to have sex with a guy while horseback riding if it could stop this lifetime dry spell I’ve had to suffer. >:(

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