Junior! (5 pics)


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Junior Kehinde was born 27 years ago as the youngest of a twin. Which is exactly what his second name means. Having a dietician for a sister and a personal trainer for a brother, it doesn’t come as a surprise Junior is passionate about physical health which he expresses by 7 days a week gym visits and an average of 2,000 sit ups by day. Now that hurts my body. Believe it or not, but while growing up Junior was nicknamed “skinny bones”. Free-spirited and driven as he is, Junior turned that around. Indeed there is nothing skinny about this beautiful man anymore.

Read About Junior HERE!

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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder………..and is skin deep…..I will take the inked skin and drink in the beauty that is apparent beyond! And I would be blessed.

  2. Hot! He is SO sexy… but would REALLY like him if he let his pubes grow… love the hair around a man’s dick!!!!! More hot black men.. PLEASE Sarge…

  3. that is an incredible hot specimen of manhood.Would love to see that beautiful chocolate cock of his hard and waiting to be devoured!!

  4. ~YAWN~ Looks like the Drug Dealer that was just arrested and thrown in Jail for causing the Deaths of a few people supplying them with Poisoned Ecstacy. 🙁
    Thanks, but NO THANKS, i’ll pass.

  5. i disagree and think he’s very sexxxy and wouldn’t mind savoring sum sexual chocolate. anyways, bad can also be good 😉

  6. @MaculineFoothillsMan – hmm, interesting comments. When Coach posts images of white dudes who aren’t Ben Godfre, you just whine and bitch that it isn’t Ben Godfre.

    But the moment Coach posts an image of a BLACK dude, you don’t whine and bitch that it isn’t Ben Godfre but you insult the guy by saying he looks like a drug dealer. Racist much?

    Do the world a favor, man, please die already and bring your racist Anglocentric/KKK/Aryan/white supremacy views with ya! Cheers :o)

  7. Remember what your mama told you? If you can’t say anything nice… Keep your mouth shut. I think he’s a fine speciman of a man that obviously isn’t in to drugs. Dealing or otherwise. A body like that takes dedication and stability.

  8. @guy2guy44 – preach it man!

    @Sgt. Coach – sorry for these multiple posts Coach.

    Just wanted to share all the different looking but HOT black dudes out there.

    I’ve looked back at the Model of the Day posts and I think there’s only been two black dudes in recent months (correct me if I’m wrong) and the two have been somewhat stereotypical, I think – the black football player and this guy – whose looks has been described as a drug dealer by the above asswipe (MaculineFuckhills) perpetuating the stereotype that black = thug.

    Come on Coach…include some of these hot dudes I’ve posted in your daily posts. My personal favorite: Nate Owens!


  9. he is a beautiful black brother and i agree with u azulmelb about that racist masculinefoothillbullshit just bc he is black u think he is a drug dealer eh….SURPRISE most of the drug users and dealers in the gay community are white…open up ur eyes!!!! Drug dealers are not just black they come in all shades..and if i were a white man i would be disgusted to have someone like u sharing the same skin colour!! Ur disgusting…he prob loves black cock and is angry bc no black cock wants his sorry trailer park ass

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