Leonardo Da Vinci Was Gay… (via Xtra.ca)


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Xtra.ca: Leonardo da Vinci, the painter of such iconic masterpieces as The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa, was almost certainly gay. He had male lovers and likely never had sex with women, but popular culture continues to insist he was straight. “I think he needs to be reclaimed,” says Ross King, author of the spellbinding book Leonardo and the Last Supper. King’s book, which focuses on the painting of The Last Supper, won the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction and is up for the Charles Taylor Prize, which will be awarded in Toronto on March 4. Ross says that the portrayal of da Vinci as straight — in The Da Vinci Code, for instance — is done “against all historical evidence.”

Video interview with Ross King done by Fab magazine’s History Boys columnist Michael Lyons.

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  1. Ahh, people amuse me. If it’s not cocks, balls and ass, it’s boring.

    You’re boring.

  2. Well, Da Vinci gave me a chance to see a man’s cock in a textbook in school. I thank him for that.

  3. More likly he was gay, I think most of the masters where and if married was to take the presure off, just think how it must have been in there times, most gay people today that are 30 or younger don’t have any idear what it was like in 50s or 60 to be gay. I do it wasn’t fun to be cock face faggit and on and on

  4. Honestly, who cares. The fact the he did or did not suck on a dick is not what makes his contribution to society and civilization important. “Its the fool that looks at the finger that points at the sky.”

  5. Agree with midnight_angel…Who cares. He was a man with a brilliant mind and wonderful talent. I was kinda of hoping as a society we were moving beyond one’s sexual preference to a persons talents and contribution to society…gay, straight, green, black, white, pink, male, female, young, old…etc.

  6. Da Vinci gay? Really?

    Next they’ll be saying that Alexander the Great was gay, too.

    When will this madness cease?

  7. The rest of the world has heard all this before. Digging about in the lives of past genius’ may bloster the fragile ego but it’s this kind of speculation that reveals the paucity of so called ‘gay’ culture. I’ll stick with just being a happy homo.

  8. I got more interested in the blogs that came up after the interview: Davey Wavey… fucking hottie.

  9. this is just another symptom of society’s current obsession with sex and of society’s commerce-driven need to “find” sensation and get noticed

  10. He was who he was…the labels we place today are of no value to Da Vinci’s time…he was an artist, creative and slept with rich and poor men alike…as long as he did NOT communicate to thw world his passion of the cock, it was viewed as being tolerated…I liked the interview…well done, and the young interviewer is damn cute…

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