Lions and Tigers and Grant Kother… OH MY!


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Hunky zookeeper Grant Kother has stripped naked in a bid to encourage people to take part in a naked run in London Zoo this summer to raise money to save the dwindling number of Sumatran tigers.

Kother posed for a series of saucy snaps, with just a bucket protecting his modesty, as he carried out his duties around the Zoological Society in the capital.

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The run is called ‘Streak for Tigers’ (a pack of tigers is called a streak) and is set to take place on August 15. The ZSL is hoping fearless fundraisers will rise to the challenge to help the charity continue its vital conservation work.

Challenge events manager Lucy Osman explained: “We’re thrilled to be holding such a daring and unusual event after hours at ZSL London Zoo.

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“We’re hoping that by taking on this outrageous challenge, streakers’ friends and families will dig deep to show their support and help protect tigers around the world.”

Around 300 participants are being encouraged to take part to represent the 300 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild.

Visit for further details. Picture date: Thursday May 2, 2013.
Photograph: Johnny Green

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  1. too bad he didn’t show us what the tiger saw. i’ll bet it was worth running for lol – because he sure is!

  2. I’ve got a 20 on me here somewhere for your bucket……now let me see, where did i put it…..i’ll get back to you with a card#.

  3. Grant Kother works in the Reptile House and posts amazing pics of his wards there on the Zoo site. Too bad we didn’t get to see his ‘python’…
    Go to the Zoo site and pledge a few $/£ to save the tigers!

  4. If he really wants to raise money, he should offer contributors pix of himself without the bucket. Maybe he has a few studly chums willing to get naked, who also think the tigers are worth saving.

    Then again, maybe you could auction off the bait bucket and the wellies — they’re becoming rather famous in their own right.

  5. A Great Way To Help A Dying Breed, I’ll for sure make a Donation, it is a really good cause, so we all as HUMANS, need to protect other species and give as much as you can.
    BTW yes he is a good looking guy, but the cause is much more important, and he thinks so too.

  6. Great idea for a good cause and wish a few hot guys from here would be there to make it all the more fun!

  7. Is he ever handsome!!! Nice to see a guy so natural and not having shaved his entire body. Yummmmmm!!!!

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