LOVE This Guy… TOTAL Whitetrash Goodness!


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  1. It’s just my opinion, but I think he’d look so much more hot if he didn’t have all those tats.

  2. Agree with Guycruiser and IslandGentleman. A few tats are OK, but there is a point when they become too much.

  3. i disagree. the tats are hardly too much. I just don’t like anything on the face. guy is hot

  4. Well I disagree with all of you.

    I’m lovin the whole package, what a fucking stud…


  5. This guy is sooooooooo sexy – sooooooooooo hot! Very sensitive eyes… Bet he could just fuck the hell out of you – smilimg down at you qs he knowa how much you want him. Then cuddle with you – his arms locked around you and telling you how much he loves you. Of course, knowing all the time all he really cares about is getting what he wants and thats usually round two. Don’t think I would object at all…

  6. Cmon guys really! We all know that if we were as lucky as to have this guy laying underneath or on top of us-his tattoos wouldn’t mess up our “game” at all.

  7. This is one sexy man tatoos, facial hair, and all. I would love to climb in bed with him anytime.

  8. Great body, tats or no tats. Don’t like the ink? Turn off the light. Tats are great clues to a guy’s priorities and personality. You may not like ’em, but it’s his thing (and body), not yours. As long as they’re there, observe, learn and enjoy — they add dimension and perspective to the man.

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