Mister “Bear/Dog” & Some Other Fine Fellows (28 Images)


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  1. #18 — The jorts, I get. The lithe, tight body, I get. The showing of in public, I get. But the raccoon tail, I don’t get.

  2. ^Admittedly, I find the tail belt-clips cute, but that’s more because I’m a fan of Ayumi Hamasaki, who started a fad of it in Japan. Personally, I prefer them on the side of an outfit instead of dead in the back.

  3. Hah, again I forgot to comment on the pictures. I need to stop that.

    1 – I hate to say, but I kind of liked him better in the dog/bear suit…not really, but his hair cut does not really suit him. He looked more handsome in the suit, but here he looks goofy…

    2 – Five hot boys, one with a pierced nipple, one licking his friend’s hot toned waist? I VOLUNTEER TO BE NUMBER 5!!!

    3 – DAMN That’s a hot redhead! I don’t usually like the bulging obliques poking out over hips, but on him it just looks even hotter.

    7 – tied up? Hot arms, cute face, lovely waist….tear off those pants!

    10 – I want some of that thick white creamy cum!

    11 – That’s really a nice cock. loving the deep-throat-accessible curve. His abs are nice, and his pecs have just the right ammount of hair.

    12 – What’s more delicious? That thick veiny cock, or that superb glistening sweet-tasting pre-cum?

    13 – This boy is the kind that turns me into a violent top.

    14-16 – Lovely guy. Bodies like that should be lightly oiled and bare naked all the time! Love his flexing too.

    18 – I wish I had the body and the confidence to wear shorts like that in public…I wish I had the flexibility and strength to do that. I wish I had that guy doing that pose in my closet with his cock at perfect sucking-height.

    19 – OUCH! I love when a guy’s cock just snaps out of my hole like that. Pushes up against the prostate hard, then snaps out.

    20 – Great fucking style. I love a multi-tasker…though, I’d like to be tackling his nipples while he goes after mine.

    23 – Haven’t really had a rimjob that made me moan like that boy, but damn I’d like to have it. Loving his rock hard cock. Maybe I could suck it while the other boy rims him.

    24 – Sexy beefy arms!

    25 – Three’s Company, Four’s a party! GOD! The middle guy is gorgeous. Thick beefy pecs, large suckable nipples, thick veiny biceps, powerful shoulders…I might be too possessive of that GOD to share him.

    28 – This guy is so hot he doesn’t even exist.

  4. #3 is my perfect man, he has the lot, redhead, attitude, great physique and a gorgeous cock, I so desperately want him

  5. I’d love to know who the guy in the Nike cap in pic #2 is … that’s one tongue, I’d wanna see my cum dripping off 😉

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