Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in USA Weekend + Interview


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OKAY, I just want a Thor & Captain America porn with these two Chris studs…
seriously! Here are some hot pics & a USA Today article with the boys talking about their muscles… I’m so hard right now!

The summer movie season is upon us, and that means a whole new crop of superheroes and blockbusters based on comic books. Of course, somebody has to wear the colorful costumes and weaponry of these icons — and deal with fervent fanboys. These jobs are going to a pair of guys named Chris: Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title god of thunder in Thor (out May 6) and Chris Evans, the dude brandishing the shield and patriotic mythos of Captain America: The First Avenger (July 22). For this weekend’s cover story, I met up with the Marvel Comics superhero twosome at our exclusive photo shoot, which also starred the actual Cap shield from the movie as well as Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir. (The props even came with their own security guard, who let me wield the hammer. No lightning came down or anything, but it was still cool for a nerd like myself who’s read Thor comics since he was 9.) It turned out this meeting of heroes was the most time the two actors had gotten to hang out — of course, they’ll be spending a lot more time together filming the massive superhero team-up flick The Avengers, out next year. “The first time I met him was at Comic-Con when they did the Avengers announcement, and I ran into him at the Golden Globes, where we presented together,” Evan says. “Outside of that, we’re just getting to know each other now.” I got a chance to sit down with Evans and Hemsworth to talk about comics and starring in The Avengers, which also features Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and Scarlett Johansson as super-spy Black Widow, so read below for some of our discussion.

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Did you guys grow up reading comics?

Evans: No, I didn’t. I never really read comic books ever. A lot now! And many different superheroes as well. I’ve read a bunch.
Hemsworth: I knew about the characters just because they existed and they have such a wide audience. I had certainly heard about them but I never read them actively as a kid. This is all very new to me.

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Is it almost better that way?
Hemsworth: Absolutely. You come at it with a bit of a blank canvas, and you’re able to collaborate with so many different people. There’s just more energy to drive off. If I’d known about the character for many years, it may have been more daunting. I may have known to much about the character and realized, “[Shoot], there’s no way I can do that.” [Laughs] I found out afterwards I was playing a god and so, oh, OK.

You guys trained and are in such good shape. How did you maintain that during busy days filming the movie?
Evans: To be honest, once we started shooting it was hard to keep on working out as much. You come home and you’re just like, “No. No. I have to be up in five hours, I have to go to bed.” The three months before we even began shooting, that’s when I was working out like a maniac. A lot of the money shots, the scenes where I’m coming out of the pod, we shot that very early on. I pretty much steadily lost weight throughout filming. I couldn’t work out nearly as much, I’m in that suit and I’m sweating my [butt] off all day.
Hemsworth: It certainly meant when work was finished, the day wasn’t finished. It was, “Head to the gym.” On set, you had weights and things if you had a particular shot you needed to puff out for a bit. [Laughs] You look like you just woke up and got out of bed, but actually you’ve done 400 pushups: “What, this is how I wake up?”

What is it like seeing an action figure of yourself?
Evans: There are so many perks with the profession that I’m in – that’s just one of them. You get to learn cool things depending on the piece you’re doing, and you get to have action figures and your face on cups and stuff. It’s strange but it’s fun.
Hemsworth: That was the weirdest thing ever, being sent photos of possible versions of the toys and the dolls and having to approve whether my arms are bigger or smaller. When I first got into the business, this wasn’t on the board of things that would happen: to be approving your own action figure. It’s crazy and an odd experience.

What do you guys bond over? The training?
Evans: Just the experience. We’re both pretty fresh and new. We’re walking into a film with some pretty accomplished and big names, and I don’t think either one of us are as seasoned. Everyone else has been there before — Scarlett and Robert and Sam Jackson, these are huge movie stars. And Chris and I are just finding our way through this business. This is all kind of new.

Can you spill any details on The Avengers?
Evans: It’s enormous in scale. You have the meeting of all these superheroes, all these huge personalities and huge abilities coming together. It doesn’t gel right away obviously – there has to be conflict, and there’s plenty of conflict. It’s pretty epic.
Hemsworth: I’m extremely excited. I’m such a fan of all those guys and all those characters. Being able to watch them evolve and established already and now throw them all together, it’s a better way of doing it than if we’d brought them in together first and then branched off. Whereas this, you can relate to everyone in the film because we’ve seen them have their individual moments and now you cram them into a small space and a whole lot of egos. It’ll be an interesting dinner party, won’t it?


What went through your mind the first time you put on your colorful costumes?
Hemsworth: Holy [expletive]. I walked onto set, and Anthony Hopkins and I were in our full get-up. We looked at each other and he said, “Well, there’s no acting required here, is there?” It was like being a kid playing dress-up, but the costume’s worth more than your house.

Evans: It’s all still terrifying. It’s a lot of responsibility and a little nerve-racking. As actors, you make movies for the audience — you really can’t act without an audience, otherwise you’d be crazy. And this is such an important thing for the audience, you really want to make sure you get it right.

Who are your personal heroes?
Evans: This sounds cliché, but it’s so true: my parents. They’ve done everything right when it’s really hard, and they’ve been very selfless. To me, there’s something about a hero that should be selfless. It’s a very tough thing to do, to put yourself last, and they’ve done that consistently.
Hemsworth: I grew up surfing, and I idolized Kelly Slater for years. As a young kid, I had a theater studies thing I had to do on a Sunday at school, which I wasn’t happy about. That was my surfing day. [One Sunday,] my dad had come back from surfing, and he goes, “Guess who I surfed with today?” I was like, “Who?” “Kelly Slater.” I remember my eyes literally watering because this guy was a god to me. They couldn’t have told me anything worse. That I missed that opportunity was heartbreaking.

Did you feel silly doing any of the superhero stunts?
Hemsworth: Some of the wire gags and hanging upside down. I’m a pretty active person, but some of that stuff, I was like, “God, get me down from this thing.” It’s hard work! It’s like you’re an actor one minute and an acrobat the next, spinning upside down backward for certain things and just wanting to throw up. But it all looks good once it’s up there on the screen.

We know you worked out hard, but did you enjoy getting out of shape, too?
Evans: As soon as we stopped shooting, I stopped going to the gym. Oh, my God, I never wanted to see another weight in my life! I completely just dove into a bowl of lazy for about two months.
Hemsworth: It was really weird because you almost become addicted to it. Then all of a sudden the hand brake is pulled and you’re allowed to relax. There’s a part of you that doesn’t really want to, because it’s used to doing this, but you do need to rest.

How cool has your personal life been lately?
Evans: Well, it’s not not cool [laughs]. It’s fun.

Chris Hemsworth, what did your new wife think of your physical transformation?
Hemsworth: Some girls love more muscles, some girls less. She likes it if I’m sort of generally healthy. Physically for women, it’s usually less of a concern than it is for men. We tend to be a bit more superficial.

What’s your superhero workout tip for America?
Evans: If you want to die, you’re doing it right. I’ve always worked out my whole life. But I go to the gym and I’d leave feeling good. That’s not a workout. You want to leave the gym contemplating killing yourself.
If that’s what you’re thinking, then you’re having a good workout.

Mmmmm…. suck on Hemsworth!

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  1. Yes they are pretty; more than that they are sexy as Hell. – But they know it and you know it and the interview is crap. We are not all Christopher Robin’s younger brothers.

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