ONE MORE REASON TO LOVE SQUIRT! 16 Grindr Profiles Now Banned Under the New Puritan Rules! (via Queerty)


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Software makers revise their guidelines all the time, but nobody tightens the rules faster than developers subject to Apple’s increasingly stringent rules about what can be sold in its iPhone app store. And that includes Grindr, which just outlawed a whole slew of profiles with some new PG-rules. That’s gonna affect a lot of ya..

The GPS-based meet-hook-look-up app has, because of the App Store’s existing rules, never allowed members to display naked photos in their main profile pictures. (What transpires in private chat is up to you.) But updated rules go much father. Basically, the most risque you can go is board shorts; no Speedos.

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Above are some profiles that, effective immediately, are inappropriate. CHECK THE REST HERE @ QUEERTY!

* No bare skin below the waistline (hip bone area) or above the upper thighs can be shown.
* No underwear can be visible. Swimwear must follow the bare skin rule above.
* Pants and shorts must be worn normally, buttoned, and not pulled or hanging down.
* Hand or fingers cannot be down pants or pulling underwear outward.
* No images of anyone under 18 years of age.
* No copyrighted pictures or illustrations.
* No images that show semen (or any fluid made to look like semen or ejaculation) on anything in photo.
* No images of sexual acts, either real or illustrated.
* No photo that is sexually explicit or overly suggestive.

READ more of the “DON’T” list @ QUEERTY!

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Also, you can’t say how big your dick is, that you’re a top or bottom, or whether you’re cut.

“So, Where’s The Fun At? Squirt, bitches… that’s where!” – SGT. C

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  1. I was thinking of changing phones now all I want is for the GPS location to work properly on my HTC Mozart 7 :-0

  2. I find it’s good for me living in a small town. Seems like not many use squirt’s message boards for my areas, so I’ve only met a small handful, whereas Grindr seems more immediately travel friendly.

    That being said, this seems rather shitty. Why not just make it unavailable for people using Crapple products? I like to fuck humans, not sheep.

  3. Is everyone missing Squirt’s point here, that it is not Grindr at fault, but Apple’s 17th century puritanical backward thinking that is forcing apps like Grindr to tone it down so far that only dogs can hear it? What happened to Pink Pressure? Why can the internet be free from draconian censorship, but Apple get’s to tell us to hide our ankles? Vote with you wallets, fellow poofters. Gay people are early adopters of technology. Time to jump ship to other platforms and get back to our own “core” values…or lack thereof. Be proud of our limited subversive heritage.

  4. Scruff is interesting, but I had a bug that lasted through six “upgrades” where the only way I’d get new messages is if I totally logged out of it. Got one three weeks after it was sent.

    Haven’t gotten to growlr yet.

  5. Are they crazy? No visible underwear? No skin below the waistline? If you see a guy with board shorts or jeans who isn’t showing either his underwear or his pubes, then he’s a dork you don’t want to hook up with anyway. Now there’s no way to separate the dorks from the cool guys. Always thought Apple was a left leaning corp, but I guess not. As others said, time to move on. Too bad for Grindr. It’s a good app that has helped a lot of young guys hook up.

  6. I never liked Apple much anyways. Always thought it was for hipster douchebags. I’ll stick with my Droid thanks.

  7. Here’s the most dangerous criteria:

    “No photo that is sexually explicit or overly suggestive.”

    EVERY photo is, to someone (and their sensibilities), “overly suggestive.”

    So is just about every piece of art done during the Renaissance.

    Wake up, guys — support products that support you. And yes, make the sound of your opening (or closing) wallet heard. That’s more painful to these modern arbiters of morality than a good swift kick in the balls.

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