Photos & Gifs TOGETHER! Oh My!


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  1. 1 – DELICIOUS! no one does muscular quite like Asian boys.

    2 – Probably hasnt’ eaten anything other than protein for ten years, but it was worth it.

    13 – Sweaty guy jerking his cock, moaning and gyrating. WHY CAN’T I WALK IN ON SCENES LIKE THIS?!?!?

    14-16 – Lovely chest, nice hair, cute face…the other guy ain’t so bad either. Can I join?

    17 – He obviously needs some help with that thing. Can I volunteer?

    21 – Not sure what to think of this guy…he’s both attractive and kind of odd looking. But I cannot tell what it is that makes him look off to me…

  2. 2 — Settees like this were made for toy poodles and little old French women, not men. Too many props in this photo; let the guy’s incredible presence speak for itself.

    11 — Just when you think you’ve seen everything frat boys can do to each other ….

    18 — Haven’t seen a guy in a union suit in a long time. Something kinda sexy about ’em. Even sexier if the guy were a bit more attractive.

    21 — Maybe it’s the way his eyebrows jump. Or the odd college-radio-studio surroundings. Or the dyed hair and lack of nudity. If he were naked, smiling and sitting outdoors, I think he’d come across quite differently.

    Once again, Sgt., an impressive array.

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