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GAWKER: A high school senior from Brevard County, Florida, was suspended last week for creating a “campus disturbance.” His crime? Starring in a gay porn video on

“Noel,” an 18-year-old Cocoa High School senior, was “severely bullied” by several classmates after word spread of the video’s existence. Instead of doing something sensible, like punishing the bullies, administrators decided to suspend Noel for participating in a completely legal, non-school-related activity. The forced suspension then led to him failing classes, which prevents him from being able to graduate.

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THIS JUST IN: The family of Sean Cody’s “Noel” is looking for an apology from Cocoa High School following the lifting of his suspension.

Full story & Orlando Newscast here @ QUEERTY

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  1. Funny thing…how many will go online seeking the images?!

    I say fuck the school. Take your GED and go to college or do online college!

  2. fuck .. now they are hot !!!! .. Noal with that big cock and lean build and a nice fat cock .. ticks every box .. apart from him being bottom he should be top .. but could look at his pix all day .. one horny fucker .. and his mates aren’t too shabby lol.. morrre like this please .. don’t leave it so long till the next set of guys like these coach

  3. can we please get back to men with some fur. Maybe in the mid 40s too – 🙂 But yes this guy has a nice tool

  4. I’m surprised a few people turned this story into a “gay discrimination” case. I would think the preemptive action from administrators for any kid still enrolled in high school who starred in a porn flick would be to suspend him, whether it be gay or straight. However legal this may be, it was a really stupid and poor decision on Noel’s behalf, but I guess we’re all guilty of poor judgment at that age.

  5. The first two guys were the hottest, they both seem to love the part they were playing. The young guy is very cute, but the older Better built one was the Hottest of all these dudes put together.

  6. Hot Twink and nice cock! I would like to know who watched the porn then reported him to the school! Interesting to find out how many of his school mates rented or downloaded the video to see every inch of him! I think its hot,and not anybodies business but his! Hope he takes night classes to get his diploma!
    Same thing happened a few years ago with guy from hawaii university who did speedoboys video and got expelled for using classrooms to make jerk off vids and posing in speedos.

  7. I agree with cartp2 — I don’t think the high school administrators had any choice but to discipline “Noel” (though I think suspension may have gone a little too far — which they must have realized, as it has been rescinded). I also agree that his bullies should be disciplined, too. And I strongly suspect more than one of his “tormentors” must be SO jealous of him.

    I’m impressed by two things here. One, that “Noel” is so sexually talented at such a young age. He is not an inexperienced, shy boy — he can suck, fuck and rim like a pro, and he doesn’t seem to be lacking for partners.

    Two, that his parents are so publicly supportive of him. I’m glad they are, but I wonder if they’ve seen the videos.

    If any guys out there are thinking of doing what “Noel” has done, do yourself a favor and get your diploma first. Then you can make vids that will someday really impress your potential employer.

  8. Addendum: His name is Robert Marucci, and, after gathering more information about his sirtuation, I now think the school had no legal reason for suspending him — though I stand by my opinion that his bullies shouldn’t be able to take advantage of him because of his career choice.

    Further, I am touched by his mother’s love, admiration and pride for her son. If every young gay man had such a supportive family — porn career or no porn career — think what a terrific world this would be. Hang in there, Mr. Marucci — you’ve earned our respect.

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