Seeing Red: Human Rights Campaign’s marriage equality logo goes viral


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MSNBC: What’s red, pink, and all over your Facebook News Feed?

The Human Rights Campaign’s push for marriage equality is sweeping social media Tuesday as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the Proposition 8 case. The social campaign launched around 1 p.m. EST Monday afternoon, when the organization changed its Facebook profile picture from its iconic blue and yellow logo to the current red version.

“Red is a symbol for love, and that’s what marriage is all about,” Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Charlie Joughin told on Tuesday. “We wanted to give people an opportunity to show their support for marriage equality in a public and visible way.”

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Since Monday afternoon, the original photo posted on the HRC’s Facebook timeline has been seen by over 9 million people, Joughin said, and shared over 77,000 times just from the organization’s Facebook page directly.

Celebrities and politicians alike have replaced personal Facebook profile pictures with the HRC’s red logo–actor George Takei, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley–and even more have spoken out on Twitter.

“We never expected anything like this–for it to go viral,” HRC’s Joughin said. “So we’re excited. But more importantly, we’re excited that the public support for marriage equality has been so great.”

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  1. lets hope that the courts will think this through and act to make this law in our country, why are we always the last!

  2. Don’t use facebook. I’m not an antisocial mentally challenged overweight girl who writes fanfiction while eating ice cream by the gallon in Hello Kitty Pyjamas.

  3. Forgot to add: The Logo is actually quite garish. The red is too bright, and makes me want to avert my eyes rather than look at it. The pink on the other hand is so dull and lifeless it’s practically grey and does nothing to balance with the hideous red.

    Perhaps an organisation that is so important to many could have given the job of designing this logo to someone OTHER than a colourblind two year old sitting in front of a computer with MSPaint open on it.

  4. Jeez Aya one would think that you would be excited about recent developments in the new marriage laws instead of ripping it apart. Cheer up my friend, there are far more significant issues out there in the world then the color and design of a logo. Not to mention your comments about a two year old are so far off children that are two years of age do not have the fine motor skills required to develop such a logo nor the cognitive capacities to sit infront of a computer screen and finish such a task. Sorry don’t mean to sound negative, enjoy your day 😀

  5. Sorry you’re so bitter Aya. I changed my facebook picture and my email picture without a thought as to the quality of the design. I was more interested in the message it sends.

  6. Aya, perhaps blue and yellow are more your color. Regardless of the color the message is the same!

  7. For those Americans against equal rights for gays are slow stupid and pathetic and I tell you why: You people go around the world promote human rights, freedom and democracy etc blah blah blad and complain other countries have no human rights, no democracy and freedom or whatever. In the meantime, your country none of this qualities.Liars Liars !! Triple shame on you !!

  8. Listen to yourselves!
    Reflexively complaining about the US democratic process while ignoring anti-gay France and the many other countries which also resist equality and even protection for gays.

    Compared with Canada and the US, no country has as open and free an environment for gay men and our customs.

    Did you see the riot against equality over the weekend in France? How about the young men who are executed in Iran, check the internet for pics. And Africa… most of the continent would just as soon kill you as allow you to suck cock in your own home.

    So, feed your fantasies about the US political process. But don’t ignore those places where the harm is REAL AND DEADLY; places like France.

    “Triple shame” on those of you who can’t think beyond the propaganda you dream up.

  9. Don’t ignore the anti-gay movements in the world. But also don’t ignore the positive moves in this present era. Let the world get used to it: man-man or woman-woman marriages rocks! Ten years ago it became legal in The Netherlands and yes, the first marriages were regarded odd, to say it polite. Nowadays it’s normal. Been to two gay marriages in the last months and it was great!

  10. Interesting comments from the land of Matthew Sheppard – as if homophobia does not exist in the USA (Urgent State of Anxiety)!!! Because things are worse elsewhere does not mean they don’t exist here – even on this site there is alot of “homophobia” – guys who think they are “straight” and look for cock and manhole nonstop. Marriage equality has been legal in Canada for many years and yet the persistent nature of the conventional conformity to assimilate all into the web of ignorance and intolerance is still very much prevalent. Legalizing something doesn’t eliminate the bullying and hatred that others hold against a particular activity. I find it interesting that the democratic process doesn’t need a referendum to make something illegal, but does to reverse the prejudice. When in doubt let the ignorant masses decide who we will discriminate against and persecute. And lets make sure the discussion continues so that we can keep them ignorant of the true exploitations that are going on.

  11. Marriage in Canada has ‘only’ been legal in Canada since 2005. Denmark was the first country to recognize same-sex partnerships in 1989; marriage before 2005. As an American living in Canada, I find the comments of some Canadians interesting: smug and arrogant. Not the belief what I feel most Canadians or Canada represents. You’ve taken the good with the bad from the U.S. Like incarcerating the Japanese and Japanese-Canadians after the U.S. did to its same citizens, adopted Social Security after the U.S. in the 1930’s – ‘Dirty Thirties’ as my Canadian mother-in-law calls them – and share in the premise that all people are created equal. It was not too long ago that the police in various Canadian cities raided gay clubs and bathhouses (like in the U.S.) and a gay bookstore owner had to fight the Canadian federal government over gay literature mailed in the Canadian Post, reportedly racking up $300,000 in legal fees. And don’t get me started about the oil sands in Alberta… In Canada, you have a more homogenous population. But challenging the ‘old older’ are new immigrants from the third world. I love your country and hope to obtain citizenship. But I know any country has its good and bad.

  12. Someone puleeeeze help me understand the connection between equal rights and the oil sands in Alberta…good gawd…!!!

  13. The Defense Of Marriage Act has been found unconstitutional in eight federal courts, including the First and Second Circuit Court of Appeals, on issues including bankruptcy, public employee benefits, estate taxes, and immigration. The concept that marriage is only valid between people of opposite sex is totally ridiculous and illogical. It is completely against everything American. The first sentence of the Declaration of Independence clearly states the foundation of the United States of America. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Enough said.

  14. What the hell does “homophobia” mean? This is a stupid made-up word. It hides the hatred and prejudice of those people who are labelled “homophobe”.

    Do we say, “Negrophobe”? “Femalephobe”? Asiaphobe? No, we say racist, bigot and idiot. So why we give “homophobes” something to hide behind? They are “people who hate gays”. I don’t know if they are afraid of me or you but by their behavior I know that they hate us and are mean to us.

    Homophobes? Why be so fancy and give them the benefit of the doubt? They hate fags, plain and simple.

  15. “Sorry you’re so bitter Aya. I changed my facebook picture and my email picture without a thought as to the quality of the design. I was more interested in the message it sends.”

    Well, I figure if you want people to take you seriously, you’d put on your big boy pants and make a real website, rather than stick with the pimply idiotic youth and rejects of society on a website that’s nothing more than a glorified popularity-war with no use to the good members of society.

    But also, The colour is counterproductive to the reasoning. If you want people to think positively, ONE, you don’t pick hideous garish colours like a bright primary red so bright a person has to avert their eyes, and two, you probably wouldn’t pick red, a colour that is known to cause an emotional response of aggression. Blue is a calming colour and makes far more sense. As for the shitty MSPaint look, we’ll just agree to disagree. All I know is I see a hideous bright square with two lines running through it. I think equal sign, not equality. It’ll take something far more thought-provoking than that to inspire me in the ways of equality.

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