Sexy Daddy Bear (photos by Dusti Cunningham)


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Dusti Cunningham

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  1. As I looked at these photos I wondered what I would find in the replies. I was shocked to see very few replies. I personally feel that there is so much more beauty in the gay world than the narrow stereotypical male that most gays think are God. I find a lot of beauty and hotness in this man….this is a real guy…not some twink so slim he seems malnourished. I really have found some real hotties in the bear world….and more down to earth guys I could connect with that didn’t look down their noses at you like why are you even approaching me. So post more and I will love it. Hopefully someday the gay world will be much less judgemental and more accepting of the beautiful diversity in our community.

  2. I appreciate his confidence, and respect the opinions of others who prefer this kind of man. Personally, he’s not my type (When it comes to the overweight guys, I like the ones with muscle underneath…gives some shape and volume to the fat over the muscle.)

    That being said, I was personally for more interested in that bear hide. It looks off to me. It photographs like real fur, but the head and some of the elements feel off. I think they might have just used real fur over a fake form.

    Kind of a shame, because those rugs are just beautiful when real.

  3. I find this man Very sexy!! I agree that it is nice to see pics of men other than the usual lean, young guys all the time.

  4. “….this is a real guy…not some twink so slim he seems malnourished.”

    Ever think this “real guy/real man” comments go both ways? if the chubby and overweight, bears and cubs, and whatever you want to pigeonhole yourself into are going to complain about being unaccepted and discriminated in the gay community, perhaps you would be taken more seriously if you could speak more than a sentence without condemning the bodybuilder/fitness model body types, the thin twink types, etc.

    I have about 20 pounds of muscle to add to get out of the “twink” category, but I consider myself as much a real man as – say that beautiful fitness model a few posts down, or this man here.

    Attacking a person’s masculinity because they don’t fit your physical ideal is cruel no matter WHO they are, so you guys with cushion who do so will get just as little respect from me as the twink who shuns anyone 5 years older than them, or the fitness model who refuses to even look at anyone with more than 20% body fat.

  5. I’ve got to say, he is very handsome, I would jump on him, also looks amazing to cuddle too! 🙂

  6. The last pic is really really creepy.. wtf? u going to let the dead fake bear give u a bj lol..
    i am not a fan of Beastiality..

  7. Well–I for one would love for that big man to wrap his arms around me and “do with me what he will” LOL I think he is one hot man–and if he wanted me—I’d sure like to be with him.

  8. Looking back up the page just now,thinking of what I’d want to be doing with him–makes my cock rock hard and dripping!! Or perhaps to be more precise—what he was doing to me!!!

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