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The Academy has announced the nominees for 88th Annual Academy Awards earlier. Out of the ten actor nominees, here are the actors I’d love to fuck.

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Sylvester Stallone

He’s on my top sexiest daddies list. Sylverster Stallone has been nominated for Creed. Who wants to bottom for him?


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Christian Bale

Look at his nipples, I would love to suck them! Christian Bale has been nominated for The Big Short. Do you have sensitive nipples?

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Mark Ruffalo 

He’s the uncle you’ve been wanting to suck. Mark Ruffalo is nominated for Spotlight.


Matt Damon

‘Nuff said. Who wouldn’t want to fuck Matt Damon? He’s nominated for The Martian.


Leonardo di Caprio

He’s proud of his dad bod and unafraid to flaunt it. I bet you’d spread your legs for his dick. Leonardo di Caprio has been nominated for The Revenant.


Michael Fassbender

He looks like someone we’d play with in gym lockers – or anywhere. He makes me hard. He makes my staff hard. Michael Fassbender has been nominated for Steve Jobs.


Do you agree with our choices? Send us a tweet using hashtag #squirtCHAT. 

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  1. Matt Damon, has always been a heart throb of mine. He also reminds me so much of the one that got away half my lifetime ago…

  2. Mat i’d do .. di caprio i’d have done him when he was in titanic and catch me if you can .. wouldn’t touch him now .. let himself go hate the beard, hair, and he’s put some pounds on .. that pic doesn’t do anything for him.. i’d have gone more for zack .. the new spider man would have been in my 6 .. can i just say gutted about the passing of bowie .. he was a legend to me and did a lot for bringing gay lads out the closet .. nothing was mentioned on this web site which is a shame .. my condolences to his family and the fans all around the world such a loss 🙁

  3. The pic of Leonardo DiCaprio looks NOTHING like him! He’s here in the UK right now and he looks great.
    Any of the above, except Sylvester Stallone. That has nothing to do with his age, but that face looks like it was made at the Micheline tyre factory!

    I also agree with davewesley. Bowie was my hero and I too am gutted.Something on this site would have been appreciated, if only for all that he’s done for the gay community….

    r.i.p. DB!

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