Sun, Beach, Bears And Fun! Discover the Hot Activities for Puerto Vallarta


- Advertisement - member phil9325, our certified travelling slut, is always up to no good, and, as usual, he attends the best kink and fetish events around the world, with entries for Sydney World Pride and Folsom in San Francisco together with the gayest cities on earth, like Fort Lauderdale and New York. This time, he is taking us to Puerto Vallarta to discover all the fun and play you can enjoy under the sun in Mexico.

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Hola, hola, mis amores! Welcome back, and happy new year, my fellow sluts! It is I, here again to bring you a juicy and sunny travelling journal about one of the hottest spots in Mexico: Puerto Vallarta!

Mexico can be a great place to escape the cold during the winter, and PV offers no shortage of gay activities and hot men, no matter when you visit. So, let’s buckle up, apply some sunscreen, lube up that cock and grab a margarita before diving into what PV offers for those needing a little bit of sun.

Where should I stay when going to Puerto Vallarta for a gay vacation?

As I say in every entry, we must start with our accommodations. Puerto Vallarta is a great destination to go on a vacation or to just be a slut for a few days. You can choose to go with a package and hit up your all-inclusive options; that way, you can have more relaxing days filled with misbehavin’ nights in the city. The possibilities for resorts are endless; even if you are far from downtown, taxis and Ubers are not expensive.

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Now, if you want to be where all of the gay action takes place, you will need to get yourself a place in the Zona Romantica.

Although it is a tourist area, there is no shortage of gay stuff around—tons of stores for you to get crop tops, speedos, and very short shorts. You also have easy access to the gym if you are a muscle queen or easy access to the gay beach area if you want to tan or go cruising (more on that later).

When is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for gay events?

Keep in mind when you want to visit, as PV hosts many gay events, pricing and availability of places may differ.

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January through March would probably be the busiest times to visit as PV hosts Beef Dip and Bear Weekend (which I recommend if you are into muscle gays and bears). Your off-season would be around September and October, so if you prefer a quieter atmosphere, this is the time for you; however, these months are scorching!

What is there to do in PV as a travelling slut? Blue Chairs and Matamar

Now that you have settled in PV, you can take over the city. Let’s start with your day’s activities.

One of your first stops and activities should be to visit the gay beach area. The gays have no shortage of shore in PV! Starting from the Blue Chairs Resort to the rocks, you can find yourself all different kinds of gays here. Whether you choose to pay for a chair and parasol or just lie on the sand with your towel, this is the place for you to be.

I like grabbing cocktails at Blue Chairs and hanging out with everyone there. Trust me, you will see a lot of hot bulges and asses in all of those speedos, but you will also meet very cool people to go out with later or to suck their cock in the bathroom; it depends on how hot they are and how many cocktails you down in that gorgeous Mexican sun.

You could also grab a cabana or a chair at the Matamar Resort, a few steps from the Blue Chairs. Keep in mind, however, that Matamar is pricey, and it can be a standoffish crowd, based on my experience. Regardless, if you can’t find the gay area, just ask a local for the Blue Chairs, and you will see it immediately.

Once you are here, you will have so many options to hookup. The best area to check out is after crossing the Matamar Resort. You will see a seahorse statue, then once you cross that, keep going to the rocky area, and you will find lots of horny gays with their cocks out. So, get on your knees and get sucking!

One way to make sure there is good dick waiting is to check who is cruising nearby by logging onto your account. You wouldn’t find a needle in a haystack, so don’t look for that hot cock between the sand dunes, either. See who is online and nearby, ready to cruise the beach and suck dick!

Find the seahorse, find the horse hung dick just beyond that

Are there gay naked boat tours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Now, if you would want to get even friskier and be naked, PV has some nude boat tours that you can take. Depending on the season, these run differently, but your best bet is to book it in advance and on a weekend. You will set sail fully naked to a private island, and yes, you can suck and fuck anywhere you want; that is essentially the whole point of this tour, so don’t be shy with that dick!

Naked Pool Parties

You also can attend the naked pool parties at Casa Cupula or Piñata Hotel. These places offer day passes to use the facilities and attend their parties. And yes, lots of cocks flying around everywhere. However, the crowd can be mixed, so ensure you have your expectations in order. Expect more exhibitionist or voyeur rather than excessive play.

What about the nightlife in PV?

PV has plenty of clubs and bars. If it is a gay spot like PV is, then you know a good party place exists.

I like to start my night with a few fancy cocktails before getting trashed and dancing with no shirt on, and taking guys to the bathroom to fuck.

The best bar to start the night is The Corner Bar. This place is cozy and offers sexy bartenders and excellent drinks. The crowd here is always fun; you will see all those folks later in your travels as this place closes early. It’s a great place to start the party before going on with your night.

From here, you need to head down two blocks to Lazaro Cardenas Street. Here, you will find a variety of clubs to choose from.

I recommend bar hop as you will have several hours to try each atmosphere and choose your vibe. Start with Mr. Flamingo, a classic gay outdoor gay bar with good music. From here, head two doors down and hit La Noche. Stay here a little longer as they have fantastic go-go and pole dancers. You will be mesmerized by their talent, so make sure to tip them. From here, you can cross the street to hit Industry.

Industry and nightlife in Puerto Vallarta

If you are a circuit queen, this is the bar for you. If you want a more chill vibe, you can hang out and dance in the bar’s main area. However, if circuit beats and muscles are your vibe, turn left as you enter the bar and go up the stairs.

You will have to pay cover to enter the Industry dance floor there. This place guarantees sick music and lots of sexy eye candy. I have always gotten lucky at this place. Either sucking a few daddies on the dance floor or getting bred in the bathroom stall. Once, a bartender came into the stall and said we needed to stop. He waited for the daddy to cum and then said, “Go back dancing now.”  

Once it is 3:00 am and the bars have closed, you have a few more options to keep your night going. If dancing is your vibe, you need to hit Paco’s. Just around the corner from Mr. Flamingo, this bar offers you great music, drag, and go-go dancers. You will need to pay cover but don’t worry, it includes a drink. This bar stays open till late, so you can party till sunrise.

What if I want to dance in a jockstrap and cruise?

My favourite place to check out in PV is Studs. This leather bar is a block away from the main area, and it is THE place to be if you want to get naughty on the dance floor and dance naked or in a jock (depending on the night and what events they have going on).

The dance floor is also guaranteed to be packed with sexy daddies; this place offers seedy floors, gogo dancers who jerk off and fuck in front of you and lots of dick to suck!

Depending on the night, you may find a lot of play in the main area or the couches at the back. However, it is more of a tame night, you will for sure get lucky in the bathrooms in the back by the hard dick neon sign. No matter when you go, this is the place to be if you want to dance with hairy, sexy daddies.

gay male in underwear in gay night club standing in front of a neon light sign of a gay leather bear daddy showing off his cut erect cock

And what about saunas and bathhouses in Puerto Vallarta?

Lucky for you, PV offers a great bathhouse right in front of the gay bars, so you can drag your daddies there or just spend all night taking cocks on the sling. Spartacus is open late, so feel free to spend plenty of time taking dick as you please.

As one of our top reviewers noted in another article, this place offers you four floors of play, and it even has a bar inside if you feel like drinking.

gay male shirtless standing in puerto vallarta streets wearing baby blue shorts standing outside of the spartacus gay male bathhouse for fucking

My favourite area in Spartacus is the whole second floor, which is just a massive dark room. Most guys will hang out here, and you can definitely fulfill all of your anon fantasies.

I made my rounds here for a few hours, from being on the fuck bench getting fucked by who knows who and tied to the sling, legs up. One night, I may have accumulated 20 loads in just a few hours in the dark room. So you can see (even in the dark) why it’s my fave part of Puerto Vallarta!

The best you can do is to get a locker and walk around naked. Easy access for everyone and guaranteed fun! You will be dripping cum down your leg on your way back to your hotel. I know I did, and I am sorry for the taxi driver who had to deal with that the next day…

gay male undressing at the bathhouse wearing white jock strap and taking an iphone mirror selfie

So, is Puerto Vallarta for me?

If you are gay and you like to tan and party, then PV is a place you should include in your travel list. I try to go every year just to see all of the sexy men in tiny speedos and to get some fantastic daddy dick.

Regardless of the season, you will have a great time. Make sure to plan and to come back with some good tanlines, I always do!

gay male wearing nothing in mexico PV hotel room taking a mirror iphone selfie
Suns out, bums out! Until next time

Until next time, and from a bathhouse near you,

Phil XO

Twitter: Philduchampxxx1

Instagram: Philduchamp1

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