The Best and Worst Parts of Dating a Gay Bro


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We all know this guy. He’s muscular, he’s handsome, and he prides himself on masculinity. He wears tank tops, he coiffes his hair (but not too much), and will often opt for a flat brimmed hat and some basketball shorts.

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That’s right. We all know a gay bro. In fact, gay bros even have their own reddit community. But, like every subgroup in the LGBT family, gay bros have a few things that make them unique. And, depending who you are, these could be positives and negatives.

We thought we’d explore gay bro culture and what it’s like to date someone who spends as much time being a jock, as he does sucking cock.

Pro #1: Muscles

Dating a gym rat comes with the obvious perk of dating a gym rat. Is there anything sexier than a nice firm chest, muscular arms, and that lower abdominal ‘V’ that you just want to run your tongue down? When you’re dating a gay bro, you want him to be shirtless everywhere you go. If he’s got it, flaunt him.

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Con #1: Gym Time

If you’re not huge on the gym yourself, then time he’s spending at the gym is time he isn’t spending giving you that sweet sweet lovin’. He’s busy doing the bench press, when he should be pressing his dick against your body. I guess every blessing has its down side.


Pro #2: That Chill Attitude

Gay bros are often low maintenance. They’re chill. As long as you’re not interfering with workout time they’re down for whatever. You wanna go hit the beach? They’re down. You wanna go hit the club? They’re definitely down. They’re easy going, uncomplicated, and fun.


Con #2: That Chill Attitude

Sometimes things aren’t going to be chill. Sometimes life will be stressful and you really need someone who has got your back. This means that calm, laissez-faire attitude can be frustrating and not quite what you need at that moment.

Pro #3: His Masculine Demeanour

That raw masculine energy will have you wanting to hop onto his dick on the regular, or slide in between his tight, muscular cheeks. Every time he puts on a pair of sweatpants and sits with his legs wide apart, it won’t be long before you’re stroking that dick outline through those grey joggers.

Con #3: Fear of Femininity

Now this doesn’t apply to all gay bros, but some may not be as cool with being seen as feminine. As gay men, they feel they need to prove themselves as dudes just being dudes. This can be an obstacle when you just want them to let loose and enjoy all that being gay has to offer.

Pro #4: All Gay Bros are Different

These pros and cons won’t apply to every gay bro. Each one is different, with their own personality and appeal. Either way, we know that gay bros can be sexy, seductive, and one hell of a good time.

Are you into gay bros? Leave a comment down below.

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  1. Really? How seriously off the mark do you guys want to be. In case you haven’t noticed gay bros don’t all look like that – this is fantasy, NOT reality. Show real bros, real people.

  2. The best thing is the group picture of some beautiful guys and you know what made better there not being

  3. Back in the ancient days of yore (also known as the 1970s and ’80s), what you now call “gay bros” were referred to as “straight-acting and -appearing” men, usually in personal ads in alternative newspapers (remember those?) I’m not sure the terminology is an improvement, but it’s great to see this subset of men still going strong, all puns intended.

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