The Men Of The Stack a 2012 calendar


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Love this idea… The Men Of The Stack is a calendar of HOT male librarians (72% of librarians are female). All proceeds from the sale of the calendar are being donated to the It Gets Better Project. Check out the calendar info HERE. Below is my fave dude, Mr. January…

Stat for Zack- January (pictured above)

File Me Under Woof!
Current location: New York, NY
Place of birth: Lincoln, NE
Tale of the tape: 6’5” 220lbs.
Sign: Pisces
Favorite place in New York: Housing Works Bookstore in Soho

Outside of his office on the Morningside Heights campus he is the director and assistant coach for a men’s rugby club. His playing career began in college and is a proud former Cornhusker. The farm boys on the team taught him how to rope (ask him ladies, he’ll demonstrate).

He spends his occasional free weekend as an EMT for the Central Park Medical Unit. Working at emergency medicine in New York City relaxes him, compared to the library business. Looking for a sylvan tryst in the big city’s best park? Check out the waterfalls at the north end between The Pool and Harlem Meer. Bring a blanket, wine and thug spray for the drug dealers.

Zack’s favorite hobby is bicycling. Nothing better than NYC by bike. Smell the rainbow of the city. Keeps you in motion, fit and hard to mug.

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  1. I believe Jack once told Karen about the rarest of gay men, granted he’s possibly straight. If gay he’d be called HGN-hot gay nerd! Either way, he’s adorable!

  2. Our library did a naked men calendar a couple of years ago — 83 guys posed (no cock, but everything else) over the course of a year. We made $20,000 the first week.

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