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Hey guys,

Are you hot and horny? Do you like to have a lot of sex? Do you top, bottom, give or receive? Then you’re the guy for me.

Once I get going I can make you feel so tired. If you want I can take you from behind, in front on top or by bottom. I love it any which way. I’m so good you won’t even realize I’ve been there for so long. I can make you sweat all night long. As Peggy Lee says I can give you fever all through the night. I can make you hot and I’ll give your throat a good go at. Your muscles won’t even know what hit them.

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If you want me too, simply just contact me. You don’t need to call, you don’t even need to write, all you need to do is not use a condom.

See you soon,


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PS – Don’t leave it to chance. HIV is on the increase in men who have sex with men in Northern Ireland. Get a test. To find your nearest GUM clinic go to  or book yourself in for a 20 minute rapid HIV and Syphilis test at The Rainbow Project. Call 028 90319030 to make an appointment.

For more information and advice on your sexual health check out, or private message rainbowproject, our Northern Ireland Sexual Health support profile on


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  1. The world has lost too many to this horrible virus/disease…please play safe guys…we dont want to lose anymore

  2. I agree with Webbo. That’s why, despite my enjoying and commenting on the bareback stuff, I still feel uncomfortable somewhat.

  3. Great little read it’s very well written.
    Everyone need to get tested on a regular bases for both their partners and their own sake.

  4. I am always amazed at the number of gay guys who take the “play safe” message on board, to the point of paranoia, and keep smoking!!

    Far more men get sick or die from smoking related illness, than will ever be affected by HIV …. THINK ABOUT IT.

    Your health is not a single issue matter …. Have you had your prostate check this year ???

    Prostate cancer will kill more men than any other cancer.

    Don’t just get a HIV test …. Man up and get a PSA blood test and prostate exam as well.


    Why do “men who have sex with men” think they only have one (potential) health issue ?

  5. to PMAUL — yes, they’re barebacking. it doesn’t mean they are unsafe. Are you assuming they don’t know their status? And/or are not in an exclusive relationship? We can’t assume that just because guys choose to have unprotected sex, that It is Unsafe. Give people credit for having the sense to test and make it safe. It does happen. I have done it for years with partners.

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