THIS JUST IN: MIKE DOSER charged with Statutory Rape.


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Mike Dozer, a controversial gay porn star who made headlines last year for opposing condom use and appearing in “socially irresponsible(NSFW)” porn, was arrested in December on charges of statutory rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and aggravated indecent assault for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy he met on Jack’D.

This week, porn insiders have learned that the charges against 33-year-old Dozer (real name Christopher Steele) have been enhanced to include reckless endangerment, because Dozer allegedly may not have disclosed his HIV+ status before giving the boy poppers (NSFW) and having sex with him.


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  1. Never figured this one for a chicken hawk–but if he did not disclose staus deseves the absolute full punishment. Yeah you can put on a condom, but what gives you the right to fuck with someone’s life that is not able to make an adult decision? You can tell me to go on Oprah, but goddammit it is time we ALL took responsinbilty for our actions and just how those affect those we fuck with.
    YEAH HE IS HOT. But what gives him the right to screw with someone’s future without divulging his status?

  2. Shameful behavior, and it reflects poorly on the gay community. Such a hot guy, but fucking with a kids life that way…..he deserves the full brunt of the law on this one.

  3. Living in UK uncertain of US age of consent. The question I have is did the 14 year old disclose his age? – how many times have you come across guys that are under the age of consent yet could pass as 20 or 21. I have – but have to say always ask the question before engaging.

    As for no condom use if HIV status is ambiguous – that has to be a no no and for that he deserves the full weight of the law against him – if true.

  4. I would love to hear this story from the 14 year old. Be willing to bet that it was consentual and not what the media makes it out to be. Funny how a 14 year old can be considered an adult only in certain situations, but others they are considered a “child”. I could be wrong, but not ready to judge until I know the true story!

  5. He can’t use the excuse, unless the boy was in full drag, that he assumed he was in the company of a 21 year old. Let the facts be revealed.

  6. If this story is true, then I would think that the saying, “He’s a big dick” takes on a whole new meaning here.

  7. I am assuming Jack’d is a gay hook up site. One has to wonder what a 14 year old is doing on a gay hook up site in the first place. Are we looking at a con job of some sort by a 14 year old that played out wrong, something to ponder. Although someone who is positive should disclose his status when having sex with anyone and definitely should use a condom.

  8. Hold on all you baggers! READ the headline — He has been CHARGED (NOT convicted) — Innocent until proven guilty is the legal principle —WAIT for the outcome!

    What was a 14 year old doing on an ADULT website (Lied about his age to get access?) DID he tell this man his TRUE age? In AUStralia 16 is the age for consensual sex. Many younger guys enter THIS website underage, and lie about their age because they WANT to have sex with adults and it is entrapment.

    Has he “cried wolf” AFTER the event, as so many girls do?

    Lets’s WAIT for the jury / judge to decide IF he is actually guilty when ALL the evidence is in … in the COURT (not the Court of online slander).

    “Innocent until proven guilty” … can’t wait to hear the willing boys evidence

    Meanwhile, this HUNK can “rape” me whenever he feels like it 🙂

    Thank God for a proper justice system, where the accused can DEFEND himself …… BEFORE judgement occurs

  9. It’s the HIV part that most disturbs me if no condom was used – the adult knows how serious this is and to avoid infection. The age of consent varies all over the world – in Spain it is 12! for boys! …so long as the adult is not an authority figure in the boy’s life according my google search sources. Fourteen is a boy for sure but a boy by then knows what he wants sexually and what he doesn’t want or so goes the argument where it is within the age of consent and the age of consent is a mirky area of the law when looking at the laws throughout the world and even western Europe.

  10. The HIV thing is only slightly disturbing. I have encountered no one who “asks” these days nor anyone who “volunteers”. What is MORE disturbing is that he did not suspect the kid to be underage. It is quite possible the kid was “trolling” the site for a “taker”, expecting to be able to extort money once his age was revealed. (They are out there.) Money refused, the statutory rape charge is leveled. Most aspects of this are a very sad commentary on our culture.

  11. I find it ALL disturbing.
    Let the facts be revealed as I stated earlier, but a good prosecutor is going to RUN with Mr. Doser’s condom-less MO and make him an example for the entire world.
    The lines in this sand are now blurred. No “bagger” statement here, just a cold, hard, ice water hit of reality.

  12. I just read the link above. This happened in my neighboring county! The DA over there is tough and she will go after this guy.

    For all of you idiots who are ignoring the issue and saying how hot he is…you’re sick. The kid was underage. Dozer should have suspected it. 14 does NOT look like 18 or 20. And his lawyer is calling the reckless endangerment ‘homophobic!’ Get real. He may have just ruined this kid’s life.

    That being said, this is the United States, and he is innocent until proven guilty. The next phase is on 2/27. I’m sure we’ll see an update on here…?

  13. Maybe I am losing my grip on English … doesn’t the word “allegedly” mean not yet proven? Why do the “baggers”, yes, baggers, keep mentioning “innocent until proven guilty”, after condemning the guy? There are so many things about these “allegations” that don’t add up. If, yes “if” there is a 14 year old kid involved, what was he doing in an ADULT website hooking up with an older gay guy and making himself available for sex? Where were his parents?

    Is anyone going to wait for the Court process to unfold BEFORE judging?

  14. @ozzietop: He’s a kid. Kids are pretty savvy regarding the net. Kids aren’t supposed to be on Facebook…but they are!

    If the kid was 17…it wouldn’t bother me that much. At 17, you are much more mature than at 14. Yeah, the kid was out looking where he shouldn’t have been, but what’s Dozer’s excuse?

    Here’s a link to a local paper that covers the area:

  15. @Sgt. Coach: Dozer is now suspected of pedophilia. There is no need to post his nude pics and glorify this guy. He’s a sick creep.

  16. @Sgt Coach: Dozer/Steele was part of a group of 6 men involved in a child porn ring. He is a child molester!

    “Christopher Steele, 33, of New Castle, Del., was arrested Dec. 13. Steele allegedly traveled to Montgomery County to have sex with Victim No. 1. Investigators allegedly found numerous images of child porn on Steele’s computer and cell phone, according to Ferman. He is charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, disseminating explicit material to a minor, corruption of a minor and other counts. He is being held on $1 million bail.

    Paul Gavin Britton, 45, of Dover, Del., was arrested Jan. 10 at his home in Delaware. Investigators said he also traveled to have sex with Victim No. 1. Britton, who was in a long-term relationship with Steele, committed suicide Feb. 6, prosecutors said.


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