Trailer for ‘GINGERS’ film by Antonio Da Silva


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GINGERS / teaser from Antonio da Silva Films on Vimeo.

WATCH the more explicit (with COCKS!) excerpt @ Antonio Da Silva’s tumblr or @ BUTT Magazine.

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Redheads. Fire crotches… This film collects samples of their testimonials and their body hair, skin and sperm. It is about being different genetically, about gay gingers, doubly in a minority, from Ireland to Israel to Brazil. A film made especially for ginger lovers. – Antonio Da Silva

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BUTT says: Gingers will premier on Sunday 14 April 2013 at Fringe! a LGBT film festival in London as part of their shorts program. It will be screened at IndieLisboa’13 the following week on 22 April 2013.

A film by Antonio Da Silva
Cast: Andreas (Germany), Adam (England), Anthony (Ireland), Anton (Sweden), Andrew (England), Damien (Scotland), Don (Ireland), Mark (England), Matthias (Germany), Mateus (Brazil), Padraig (Ireland), Rui (Portugal), Sam (England), Sergio (Italy), Simon (Ireland), Sander (Netherlands), Simon (England), Simon (Ireland), Stephan (Germany), Tadeusz (Poland / Israel), Otavio (Brazil), Thomas (England), Xavier (France), (Netherlands), Zero (Brasil).
Camera Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Co-Editor: Tomas Baltazar
Singer: Adam
Support: THANKS to everyone that donated to watch and support Antonio Da Silva films.

Year: 2013
Length: 14:00

More Donate/Support info after the jump…

DONATE to WATCH and SUPPORT my films.
The full length film is available online after a donation
How it works:
Go To:
Just press the donation button and insert the amount you wish to contribute with. Once your donation has been received I will send you an email with a password to view the film online / vimeo.
All the films have been self-funded, the donations will help me to continue producing films that could be artistic as well as sexually explicit. Any contribution will be very grateful and this will give you access to the full version of the short film GINGERS.

The amount you’re giving is up to you, but depending on your generosity and interest in my work I can also provide you with links and passwords to see my short films BANKERS and MATES and/or why not some other scenes from MATES and BANKERS that aren’t included in the film…

*After donation if you don’t receive an email in the next 12 hours with the link and password to watch the film, please check your spam or email the confirmation number to

Fringe East London Gay Film Festival, UK.
Indie Lisboa Independent Film Festival, Portugal.
Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival, Israel.
XPOSED Queer Film Festival Berlin, Germany.

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  1. Makes me think of the Catherine Tate sketch “Gingers for Justice” LOL
    Never heard the expression ‘lobster cock’ before though.
    Interesting how one of them points out that more guys are into gingers now than before … probably coz of Prince Harry.
    Being sexy lookin’ fuckers hasn’t harmed either 😉

  2. Oh, another white guy.
    I guess there were no Asians, South Asians or Black guys at the Don Jail bus stop today.
    Toronto, where Squirt originates, contains 1 of every 4 visible minorities in Canada. 47% of Toronto’s population is composed of VISIBLE minorities. Day after day, aside from a few black guys, the men here are white.
    And to think that hot visible minorities can’t crack the lineup here of obese, excessively hairy, willfully disfigured former prisoners.

  3. Cocks look like photos from some monthly urology journal – zero sex appeal and not much from the ordinary faces on these dudes – gingers can be hot, but these guys are not in that category….just average … and in the movies…sorta

  4. I must have missed the auditions for this movie?
    Great to see more gingers having fun, we seem to be the flavour of the month I think

  5. Da Silva is an amateur filmmaker with a clever gimmick. His film “Julian” is about his long weekend fling in Portugal with a Swiss guy, Julian, he met a couple of weeks before in a gay bar. He describes his films in artsy psycho-babble like Julian being the “noble savage of Rousseau” who is the new “Adam, the embodiment of mankind’s myths”. He puts out these trailers on the net and asks for donations to see the whole film. It’s not hard to imagine at least 20-30,000 gullible people worldwide that would send him at least a dollar. It’s really just a bad road trip film. How much of that do you think he spent on making a 9 min short done in a 1950’s shaky hand, home movie style? This is the ’emperor’s new clothes’, calling it ‘art’ doesn’t make it so. His press releases, through gay media, speak of ‘critical acclaim’ which are strangely never named. The IMDb, internet movie database’s list of least popular ‘gay interest’ titles of 2012 ranked this as #10 from the bottom of 821 titles. So is this ‘Art’ or a clever con to never to have to work for a living and be on a permanent paid vacation? More power to him for his audacity. There’s enough fools in the world that he’s set for life…pretty clever!

  6. All this love for ginners again and yet I’ve not pulled on here for over a year. This site is crap. :o(

  7. I adore gingers, everything about them is a huge turn on. Wish I had at least ONE in my corral of men!

  8. I too was called “Carrot Top” as a kid and teased a great deal, but this only made me stronger and today I’m proud to be a ginger. Loved all the pics and the men were HOT!!! Cheers

  9. Oh !!! Yeah what a treat!!!!especially the third photo made me squirt at no time. But where are they all these gingers ? Anyone cuming my way ?

  10. My very first sexual encounter with another man was when I was in the military and this was before DADT.He was my commanding officer and it was while I was on guard duty one night. And yes he was a redhead that I had no idea that he liked me. I guess I was this naive kid oblivious to that form someone with his rank. But I do remember when we were in formation that I got picked by him a lot and sometimes was not as “sharp” as the other guys before being picked for guard duty he would let me go back to the barracks. But this one time he did not and I was on the third round leading into getting off to sleep in for the day.He came back on one of the rounds by himself without the sergeant of the guard driving him.I thought I was in trouble or did not do something right but he said he just wanted to talk. So we did and got comfortable doing that. One thing lead to another and he kissed me I was afraid and nervous but he calmed down called me by my first name and from then on we went out off base and left town separately to watch movies, go to dinner, hiking, camping. It was great…until one day he got orders and was reassigned to another duty station. He never told and it really hurt because I loved him a lot. He never wrote back or called and to this day whenever I see a redhead I have flashbacks about him. Those hazel blueish eyes that make you want to melt, his voice, hair…sigh. So I’m hoping that I will meet another redhead, because my first love was awesome to me, good to me and I was good to him too. OK that’s it I’m tearing up guys.

  11. FUCK I luv ginger cock n ass – wanna rimm hot ginger butthole for hours everytime I get one grinding his fuckhole in my face – so tasty….

  12. Anyone based in London who’s into ginger worshipping, get in touch — I’m a redhead all over!

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