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  1. Damn…..just damn.

    Triple that sentiment because of this stupid message about posting too quickly.

    Squirt cracks me up…Sign our petition for ad equality, which plenty of us disagree with. Yet the posting issue continues, in truth, it’s getting worse and more frequent. Priorities fellas….

  2. Some guys must be seen by as many people as possible, and this stud is definitely one of them. Fucking hot body and absolutely gorgeous cock! I’d REALLY enjoy lots of 69, 3-ways, groups, and sex anywhere with this hot stud! And, yes, he needs to post a LOT more pics of himself! My only question is where did Sgt. Coach find them?

    (By the way, what do they mean by “posting comments too quickly”?!?)

  3. Amen, sicilianmikey, amen.

    If your statement re. posting too quickly really means “Too many guys are trying to post at once and our system can’t handle it, so please try again later,” then say that. DON’T BLAME US.

    Better yet, upgrade your technology.

    Then maybe we can empathize a little more with your advertising situation.

    (My 13th try to post)

  4. Hot body nice cock send him over.

    I have to agree with Trunzo, It takes forever to post a very simple two word comment. I took over 5 min last night for a comment to post. I’d like to know what improvements are made when they take the system down, it gets worse not better.

  5. WOW…could this be a first…. the squirt community agrees on a guy??! LOL
    So far, all the comments above mine think this fucker is hot!!
    And you know what… I’m not one to disagree when it comes to hot fuckers getting naked and taking pics of their hot bodies, face, and cocks!!!

  6. Fucking hot guy in every way, could just swallow his hot cock balls deep, and have it deep up my hole, would love to see an ass pic 🙂


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