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  1. All i need to know is who he is and where he is, i dont mind him smoking so long as im smoking him, he’s perfect.

  2. Hot Bod…Beautiful uncut cock…By the way, there’s is a message…The pack of Camels is labeled “smoking kills” in Spanish.

  3. A very sexy masculine man and sorry gentleman, the cigarettes just double his sexiness and manliness..

  4. I’m not a smoker myself, but fuck, I don’t mind if this guy is – he’s fucking gorgeous. Would love the chance to lick his hairy body all over and get my tongue up his hairy arse. I’m not a bottom guy either but yes, I’d bend over for that hung cock mmmmm!

  5. He is hot. Hope the cigarette police don’t get him. Really does that need to be commented on… it is a naked man,that is what we are all looking at/after! ( no I don’t smoke).

  6. HOT:….. Surely sat on the edge of that towel there is a good chance he is gonna get sand right up is man crack…?

  7. Very sexy man ……man on man …….how a bloke should be nothing girlie about him ……for the guys that don’t like the smoking I don’t think he be bothered about you


  9. WOW!! What a hot, naturally hairy man should look like. I can keep his mouth busy blowing something other than smoke too…

  10. As gorgeous as he is, those cigarettes put me off him, it would be like kissing an ash tray plus the nicotine from the cigs make’s the sperm taste vile too. YUK!

  11. For me, he is just about as perfect as you can get. Those nipples are begging to be licked, sucked, nibbled, teased……

  12. Yes gorgeous and all man. Please call me. And I am broad minded- you can smoke because you have a smoking cock.

  13. FUCKING GORGEOUS!…he can have his way with me! And, the message on the cigs is that “Smoking Kills.” So I am assuming he isn’t a smoker…which makes him damn near perfect!

  14. There were cigarettes in this photo??? Really, I didn’t notice!
    Finally an “UMM..WOW!!” with the WOW effect instead of just the UMMM!

  15. he just has to trim the pubes a little more on the right side and he would be perfect, lol. Just kidding, friggin gorgeous!! Cigarettes or not.

  16. LOL I can’t believe a man like that is sitting nude and people notice a pack of cigarettes LOL…jeebus…get a life and not someone elses lol I don’t smoke but he could chew gum, its not like my ass or dick can smell. **rolls eyes**

  17. I’m gonna pretend that the Camels belong to whoever took the picture. There. Now I can concentrate on this gorgeous Iberian god.

    All the smoking talk here reminds me of a Harpo Marx joke. “Harpo, do you smoke after sex?”

    “I don’t know. I never looked.”

  18. Great that this man’s fabulous body and cock – uncut! – has elicited so many rave comments. Any more pics/vids of him?

  19. fur, handsome and nice unc tool i will roll in the sand with him, and hopefully get more than sand in my crack mmmm

  20. MMMMMMMMMM What a fucking hot hunk of a man, love the fur, body, cock shucks just love him all over. Making my precum flow.

  21. Man, oh man! That is one choice hunk of USDA prime beef!! And gents, the cigarette pack says “Smoking kills,” in spanish, so don’t go apeshit over the cigarettes. Hell, I smoke cigars and do you think it’d keep me from grinding my body against that stud???

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